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What will you do if you have two good shots and you can not decide which one is preferable?
Second situation: What will you do if you are a guest in another country, and you have some good shots of aircrafts that that you can not shot them in your country?
So, It still should not prove to anyone else that you're just looking for numbers.
By the way, I remember the days when this site just came on the air, when people from the staff here wrote to me and asked me to upload here my photos that they knew from other sites, to bring up the numbers here ...
A) in that case you are indecisive and that is not JP’s fault but only yours
B) in that case choose your best shot and upload that one (see above). If I recall your number of uploads only after a few visits to Zurich, then this is anything but not being selective, in my own eyes even looking for numbers.

Rules have changed over the years. Upload accordingly and you’ll be fine.