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Thread: Paris - CDG Spotting questions

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    Default Paris - CDG Spotting questions

    Hello everyone,
    I will be visiting at Paris from Israel between the 18th-26th of August. I am interested on going spotting for a day when I am in Paris but as I see it is very complicated to get around to the good locations that I am interested in. If anyone reading this would like to come on a spotting day with me and show around the cool spots of CDG I would be more than thrilled to go around with you.

    Also, if anyone can help explain to me how I can get around to some good spots without a car that would be appreciated too

    You can find me on facebook, my name is Liav Zimelman,

    Thanks so much for whoever can help!

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    Hey Liav,

    i think this Site answers all your questions. The important thing is, everyone who like to spot there, need a permission for that (because of 11th of September ī01). You find the permission and instructions marked in a red box on the linked site.
    In my opinion the Best and cheapest way to go around is a rental car - but itīs my opinion - i havenīt visited CDG yet.

    Hope this will help you!

    Have a nice day.
    Best Regards from Germany,
    Julian S.​

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    Dear Liav,
    I am a regular at CDG and I will probably be there on 26 and 27 of August, but you MUST have a permission.
    Spotting without it , is very risky, because you never know if and when they will come for a control. A car and a ladder is also mandatory to spot around CDG.
    Since there is not enough time to get your permission, your only chance is to go personaly to the Police Station (mentioned in the link above) and ask for it (it has worked for a friend, but it is not always the same).


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    What is the quickest way to reach the airport? The RER is the quickest way to reach the city from the airport, or vice versa. Take the free shuttle from the terminals to the RER station. From there the journey to Gare de Nord is only 25 minutes.
    Source: http://paris-cdg.worldairportguides....xis-trains.php

    Why not delay your trip until 2018 and visit the Paris Air Show
    When I worked there a few years ago I took the subway from Paris - very easy. Lots to see.

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