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Thread: Any simple arcade simulators out there?

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    Default Any simple arcade simulators out there?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some simple plane simulators I could play on a mobile or on PC with gamepad. For example I found Take Off - The Flight Simulator recently - seems to be a pretty cool game, especially if you would like play flight sim on mobile.Recently, Take Off The Flight Simulator has been released on Steam for PC and MAC. Could you recommend more similar arcade - simulator games? Thank you!

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    Just checked out Take Off Flight Simulator, seems quite good, but I haven't tested it yet.
    On mobile I have infinite flight and X-plane 10 mobile. For a free game, I really recommend X-plane, even tho it only has 2 freeware planes: Cessna 172 and Cirrus Vision Jet. And Infinite Flight works both for mobile and MAC, not sure about windows. And Infinite Flight itself costs like 4€ (not sure), and has over 10 freeware planes, and a lot payware planes and has good graphics and may virtal cockpits. Then there's the new update with global, which makes you able to fly anywhere in the world. You get global, live (multiplayer), and all planes by buying PRO. But PRO costs 70€! And you only get it for one year by that price! However I have FSX Steam Edition on steam for PC, and it's worth the price (20€). And you can have as many addon planes as you want and you can have them for how long you ever want.
    That's what I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photographer757 View Post
    Just checked out Take Off Flight Simulator, seems quite good, but I haven't tested it yet.
    On mobile I have infinite flight and X-plane 10 mobile.
    XplaneX, as I like to call it, now has been published in a mobile version? Wow. And the XpX mobile version is freeware?

    As you can see, since quite a long time, I have not been interested in a new simulator. When I had to make the decision, fsx or xplane, xplane even was more expensive than fsx, at least as far as I can remember...

    But I did not choose what I chose due to the price... There is one man, Randazzo is his name, who made the decision for me.
    pmdg LH-B744? - Randazzo says that this one is only available for fsx (and prepar3d).

    One of the guys which are here at jp at least as long as me sometimes wonder, how fsx has survived - in contrast to xplane. Imho, there are two reasons for that:
    1) Randazzo said...
    2) fsx steam really has survived, and it is not expensive.

    I still use FSX Gold Edition, which is FSX Professional + FSX Acceleration in one package. And it's good, even after approx ... 20 years?, which can't be true because fsx has been invented in 2006, but fsx is global. The only exception where fsx is not global and which I have found until today is

    FSX Gold imho has only 1 disadvantage: it is not mobile! Or do you know somebody who uses FSX Gold on his smartphone? Theoretically this is impossible, because FSX Gold has been delivered on DVDs...
    But for a "game", as those people say who've never tried one pmdg product, fsx gold really contains a lot, between Ezeiza and Genova Sestri and ...
    Long live fsx.
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