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Thread: Stars in the sky

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    Which were the stars in the sky when you were a kid? There is something like an ascending ranking of
    "Evergreen Passenger a/c types with US-American Origin, jet engines only". But I have found out, that "your #1 aircraft type" is not always #1 in all rankings.

    Mine isn't either. So I like to include propellers, of course.

    Everybody knows the Evergreen US Passenger jets... But even in this list, in ascending order, years of production, there are surprises. As I always mention it, the Lockheed (500) TriStar was very important for me. But it only was produced between 1970-1984. Which, together with the MD-11, marks the bottom of my list (only 12 years in production).

    So, who are your stars in the sky? The DC-10? 20 years in production. Not bad. But what about the B707? 25 years in production. And we still have not reached the top 3.

    #3 in this very personal ranking is in my eyes, the Boeing 767 passenger jet. The production ended in 2014, after 34 years.

    So, who is #2, and who is #1. As I said, my type is not #1. Not after 48 years since the inauguration flight...

    This topic seems to be a perfect question for anyone who is interested in Aviation in the 1960s? Well, I am your listener.

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