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I'm not so sure.. your previous two posts seemed more intent on trying to convince that there was no problem with the color. Now you are prepared to admit that there is in fact an issue? Like I said above, you need to be able to see that there is a problem before beginning to fix it. Telling you the steps in adjusting the WB (actually just one step) would be pointless if you didn't know what or why you were doing it. I'd be happy to take a look at one of the RAW files of the rejected images and reprocess it so the color comes out better.
If you tell me the steps of where to fix the issue would be helpful.
First of all is there a histogram or chart or function of Photoshop that shows me instantly the problem. As I have told you many times, my eyes cannot see what your eyes see.
I need something that is a neutral ground and tells me.
It is like telling a sleepy person to always wake up at 6:00am. They will say my body cannot do that, I need help. That is where the alarm clock steps in to help.
Is there a video on YouTube I can watch that might help?
All I need to know is if a photo has that color hue problem - how do I recognize using a tool of Photoshop which is 99% accurate when my eyes are not?

By the way I am still convinced my photos are fine.... that is why I am kindly asking to show me where I can see the issue that.... I cannot see