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Thread: List of current and former 747 operators

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUNN View Post

    Japan Air Defence has ended 747 ops.

    One of those airplanes is now for sale with only 16,000TT, probably the lowest-time 744 airframe out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLcrew View Post
    One of those airplanes is now for sale with only 16,000TT, probably the lowest-time 744 airframe out there.
    Hm. There seems to be a kind of language barrier between Atlanta and Düsseldorf, here on my side. Still, after all those years. I try my very best but, .. sometimes I need
    'a little help from my friends'.

    'Noch keiner' bzw 'noch niemand' .. in English? Let me try it without these words. That's what my English teachers at school told me to do. If you don't know the precise word, try the sentence without it.

    So, as far as I know the both of us, has anybody yet bought the Qatari 747, which somebody here on this platform tried to sell as a bargain.. ?
    For me, and all the aviation museums which I know, the answer is no.

    Another bargain must've been a former LH-A321, ex 'D-AISE', which my favorite airline sold to somebody in September 2018. Is it a duty for Lufthansa to add a handwritten remark to a/c which we sell, which says 'do not use A321s for nonstop transatlantic flights' ?
    Together with a Lufthansa seminar 'learn which airports and continents you can reach nonstop with an Airbus A321' it is no longer a bargain. And it very strongly smells like as if somebody in Berlin tried to save money, so that seminar was not included. I have opened a special topic here on how Berlin tries to save money, the name is
    'German Air Force'.

    But back on topic. 16,000TT, that is .. Trinidad and Tobago Dollar? I just asked the internet, and the answer was Trinidad. The converter who I trust really knows it, which I did not expect, they name it 'TTD'.

    16000 TTD are... 2310 US-$ ?!

    With four engines included, or only 3 or only 1? Airworthiness confirmed, written evidence? Or better, last departure over an international air traffic control tower, e.g. EDDL?
    And don't say 1978.

    As I said, I do not trust bargains in aviation. Nobody should try to save money in aviation, and especially not Berlin.

    PS: For people who again should try to buy a/c which have been tested by professionals.. Since more than 30 years, I know an airport full of jets who indeed are able to cross the Atlantic Ocean nonstop. LTU Lockheed TriStar (Mach 0.92 since the year 1973, some people say that was unique. I say, well...), B757-200 in its limits, B763ER, A330-300, A340-300, and, one LH type which is not (yet) for sale. The Alpha Bravo Victor Papa with four engines!
    Last edited by LH-B744; 08-17-2019 at 04:34 AM. Reason: You need a Jet to cross the Atlantic Ocean? In case of a doubt, simply ask!
    LH also has a intercontinental history, the Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - NYC route, open since June 1st, 1955.
    A/C type: Lockheed Super Constellation.
    The operator on the DUS - NYC route, on the DUS - BKK route, and on the shiny new DUS - LAS nonstop route? EW, one of the dearest LH daughters .

    Aviation enthusiast since more than 30 years. A whole decade here on this platform.

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