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Thread: Paying extra for safety?

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    Default Paying extra for safety?

    As most of you probably do know, statistics do show that there is indeed a significantly higher chance to survive an accident in the rear of the plane, rather than the front.

    Would it be unethical for airlines to charge some extra $$$ for these seats?

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    Probably I understand your topic. I only read it in a completely different way.

    Do you really go on board an aircraft with the assumption that something really bad will happen after take off? That phenomenon is called fear of flying, and two or three experienced international airlines provide help. At least, I know one..

    Afaik, that includes a moment when you're able to ask a Flight Captain one or two questions. I'm quite lucky, since more than 30 years, I visit my home airport, and at least when I am present, nothing really bad has happened!

    Some people say, don't watch all too many accidents on TV. And the TV is full of happenings like
    Southern Airways Flight 242 (April 1977)
    Varig Flight 254 (September 1989).

    If you ask me, in both cases money (or as you say US-$) was not the problem. In 1977, they tried to challenge mother nature, and you simply don't do that. I would never do that, not on board my avatar. When Florida (or another region) is completely closed due to weather, then LH-B744 flights are cancelled. Period.

    And in 1989? Well, almost 30 years ago, they obviously had to change one or two little things in a jet cockpit. The official definition (often called company route) for the heading in a flight plan. Back then, they had four digits, e.g. 0270 . Today unbelievable, afaik there is no place to use such a long number.

    To make it short, both of those airlines do no longer exist. So, if we talk about long haul jets, extra $ is a matter of taste. But I don't think that the main deck in a 747 is less safe than the upper deck..
    LH also has a intercontinental history, the Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - NYC route, open since June 1st, 1955.
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    Except sometimes there's the wrong kind of fire and the folks in back are 'suddenly' SOL.

    But, I'm sure the airline can come up with some sort of formula from the refund department.
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