Update on AVHerald.

On Apr 10th 2018 Nepal's AAIC released their preliminary report reporting the aircraft touched down about 1700 meters down runway 20, travelled on the ground towards the southeast, went off the runway, broke through the inner perimeter fence, moved down along a rough downslope and stopped after a ground travel of 442 meters at the eastern side of the runway (editorial note: the coordinates of touch down point and final position do not match the narrative). The aircraft caught fire and was destroyed. All 4 crew and 47 passengers perished, 20 passengers survived with serious injuries. Initially 22 passengers were rescued alive from the crash site, two later succumbed to their injuries. The cockpit voice and flight data recorders were recovered and were dispatched to the Transport Safety Board Canada (TSB) together with other aircraft components like PSEU, EGPWS, EMU and QAR.