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Thread: Milviz ATR72-600

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    Question Milviz ATR72-600

    Does anyone have clue when is Milviz going to bring out the ATR72-600? Have been eagerly waiting for it to fly it on P3D.

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    Hm. First of all, when did they publish that they try to develop an ATR 72 for p3d?

    I've found a source, which goes back to the beginning of March 2017. 12 months ago. Then the decision was made, we need an ATR 72 for p3d. Probably, I have to disappoint you.

    Do you know who Mr Randazzo is? He also sells add-ons for p3d, a.o. a B747-400 which was developed with the help of one or two jet pilots who work under a nightblue tailfin..

    So, to make it short. Good aircraft are not developed within months, and that's not only true for the chief engineer who I mention in my signature. Sutter only needed four years for the Boeing 747 prototype, 1965-1969.
    Which in my eyes is almost a miracle, because Sutter did not use 1 computer. He rather trusted the brains of his... 1,500 engineers (only a rough guess). And the result is..
    brilliant, imho.

    But not within 12 months. Let's try to ask Randazzo for a B747-800i . The answer is the same: Not within .. months. There is only 1 reason why I don't use the B748i (fsx) by Randazzo.
    He doesn't (yet) sell it.

    So, you are here since 3 years. Let's talk again about brilliant new simulators.. in 1 year.
    In these final days of March 2018 I like to celebrate. In memoriam Joseph F. Sutter (*21.03.1921, Seattle WA). I don't have to google him, trust me.

    Aviation enthusiast since more than 30 years. Almost a decade here on this platform.

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