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Thread: Karachi Airport Closed After Major Terrosist Attack

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    Default Karachi Airport Closed After Major Terrosist Attack

    According to news channels, KHI was tragetted by a group of fifteen terrorists who entered the apron from a weak spot near the old terminal 1 which caters hajj flights only, four guards have been killed as well as one terrorist in the exchange of fire, some aircraft reportedly damaged with two on fire, an attempted hijacking is also being mentioned, airport is closed for 24 hours, international flights diverted are Cathay Pacific to unknown place was coming from Bangkok, Turkish and Qatar Airways back to their bases.

    Apparently an Emirates flight is stranded on the tarmac with all still aboard after landing.

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    This sounds like an event that happened about 2-3 years ago; sounds very familiar, because I recall the EK flight being stranded in the middle of the apron.

    Are you sure you're not reading an old news report?

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    Imagine signing up for a forum only to post years-old stuff...That's gotta suck.

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