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    Default I have a little question

    If you dont mind me asking another question ive been meaning to ask.

    All of us know about the "old smoker" aircraft. The 737-100 and 200 and all the 727 variations and the 707 and we cant forget about the dc-8.

    My question to you all is why do we call them smokers...obviously its because theres a big trail of smoke behind them but what is that it an exhaust mix with something or is it because they are smoking som aviation cigar...haha..

    anyways am i crazy for asking this...??

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    I would suspect that it is caused by incomplete combustion, with the black smoke being vast amounts of carbon as the engine is not sucking up enough air for combustion. It is also worth noting that longer chain hydrocarbons, such as Kerosene, burn with smokey flames, particularly when it is cooler as the chemical reaction needs a lot of energy to form the Carbon = Oxygen double bond for making CO2 (The desired product of combustion).

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