I have seen that somebody this year (2018_) already wrote an entry concerning Alitalia. Back then in February, he stated that at Fiumicino they'll delete long haul destinations.

But since near LIMJ we can observe a huge bunch of shredded concrete, which was not there in February, I have tried to understand what has happened to the (former) Italian flag carrier. This topic btw originally was the reason why I am here in the forum today.

With Alitalia, It goes way deeper than only a smaller long haul schedule since February 2018.
I did what I always like to do, I opened the German wiki for Alitalia. And what did I find.

"Alitalia hat im Mai 2017 Insolvenz angemeldet." In English: "Alitalia has published bankruptcy in May 2017." Period. That was the first time when my mouth stood open. That was completely new for me!

Alitalia (est. 1946), together with LH once a founding member of the 747 club (between 1970 and 2002), is bankrupt!

The Italian government has tried to ensure all AZ flights in 2018, but as far as I know, nobody until today has guaranteed only 1 Alitalia flight in October 2018! The beginning of October today is not much more than four or five weeks away.

I open this topic to find out when the golden years for Alitalia have ended. And why. Not in 2002, when they decided to leave the 747 club. That's too easy.

But in 2005, they decided to close the one and only school for pilots who later have become Alitalia airliner pilots, in Alghero (Sardegna). That in my eyes seems like the beginning of all Evil. Where since then were new Alitalia airliner pilots able to learn their profession. Or has the Alitalia offspring ceased to exist after 2005.
A dark mystery.

And what Alitalia tried to do with the people in Milano since 1998, is also not the finest Italian manner, to stay harmless. First of all, big intercontinental traffic, with a completely new Terminal (T1, west of the rwys). But where is this big intercontinental traffic at MXP today? It is still there, but no longer in the hands of Alitalia.
So, they decided with a seeing eye to leave all these slots for the competitors? Are they serious at Alitalia?!

I mean, I'm the last one who would complain. MXP T1 works very well for me.

But I don't know if the Alitalia as known since 1946 will survive longer than September 2018. With today only 3 (three!) Alitalia destinations at MXP, I fear that they will not.

To be continued.