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Thread: Suggestions when asking for editing advice / prescreening from crew

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    Exclamation Suggestions when asking for editing advice / prescreening from crew

    As there seem to be some unwritten rules that are missed by newer users, here are a few suggestions for when you would like editing advice/prescreening from the crew:

    1. If asking for prescreening/editing advice, please title your thread "(username) - prescreening request / editing advice"
    2. Prescreening is offered only for images not in the queue currently. Please ask for advice/prescreening before submitting the images to the queue
    3. Please limit your prescreening requests to a maximum of 5 images per 24 hours (not calendar day)
    4. Please post any further requests in the same thread, whether it's a week, a month, or even months later
    5. Please be as specific in your request as possible, and don't simply post images with no comments
    6. Try to attach the exact images you plan to upload to your post (i.e. don't upload unedited image unless asking for general advice). Links to images that require too many click-throughs will usually be ignored
    7. Realize that the opinions of the crew offered here are just that, their opinions. They are no guarantee that other crew will come to the same conclusion when the images are screened
    8. Don't use the advice given here in the forum as justification for acceptance either when first submitting the photo, or when appealing a rejection. The argument "xyz crew member said it was ok in the forum" will not be taken into account during screening or appeals
    9. You don't have to follow any advice given here, but... we're also volunteering our time, so when we see someone not following that advice, we can also decide to simply stop giving it in order not to waste our time

    A couple of general requests: if you get a rejection you don't agree with, better to come here and get advice before appealing, not after. There is not much incentive to help those who disregard advice or appeal before asking for it. Finally, please try to learn from the advice. It's quite discouraging when some members keep coming back time and time again with the maximum number of requests, seemingly not have learned from previous advice. On the other hand, it's a great feeling when people who started out with lots of issues are able to progress and eventually need little to no advice. The idea here is not really just to get a fast pre-screening of your images, but rather to learn what works and what doesn't, and apply that to your photography so you can progressively learn and improve.

    Edit: to be clear, these suggestions apply mostly if you are seeking feedback from crew. Non-crew are of course welcome (and encouraged) to offer advice as well, and if you are not seeking crew advice, there is no requirement to follow these suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlowwa View Post
    [*]Please post any further requests in the same thread, whether it's a week, a month, or even months later
    Very sorry for doing this the other day, lesson learnt and have read all the other rules so will try my best to be of no bother in the future!
    Thanks for doing what you do, I understand it's voluntary and cant express enough how much its improved my photography over these past few months!

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