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Thread: First Lufthansa A380 new livery is out!

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    Default First Lufthansa A380 new livery is out!

    The very first Lufthansa new livery A380 has came out of the painting hangar at Guangzhou (CAN/ZGGG) today, Reg. number D-AIMD

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    Hm. As you see, you didn't open a topic which everyone loves.. So, what might be the reason that I'm the very first one who answers your topic.

    You are a brandnew jetphotos member? So let me welcome you to this quite brilliant aviation platform.

    But there are one or two things which you should learn.
    1. The D-AIMD is the first LH-A388 who wears this absolutely controversal (if you'd ask me, boring, and indeed during two occasions yet 'improved new monochrome') Lufthansa Longhaul Livery? As you see in my avatar, the A388 is not really my hobby. But if you decide to publish a/c registrations on the basis of my favorite airline, what about

    D-AIMB? born 16.07.2010, and as far as I know, also painted in monochrome.
    D-AIMD, what you mentioned, born 16.11.2010. So, who was the first one? I'm not sure.

    As far as I know, until today, only 3 out of 14 LH-A388 are painted in these boring monochrome colors. Thank God.

    PS: There must be a reason why this jetphoto has reached more than 30,000 views. >> It seems simple, it is not monochrome, since at least 1978:

    LH-B748 Yankee tango, born 25.03.2015, at Guarulhos, with a knob for this blue shimmer..
    LH also has a intercontinental history, the Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - NYC route, open since June 1st, 1955.
    A/C type: Lockheed Super Constellation.
    The operator on the DUS - NYC route, on the DUS - BKK route, and on the shiny new DUS - LAS nonstop route? EW, one of the dearest LH daughters .

    Aviation enthusiast since more than 30 years. A whole decade here on this platform.

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