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Thread: South America departure/arrival times

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    Default South America departure/arrival times

    I was looking at flight in South America and a lot seem to have departure time such as 10:23, 11:44 etc. I have never seem this in Europe or Asia where the minutes are rounded up. Is there a reason for providing such an exact time in S.America?

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    Let me have a rough guess. That's the new precision, we receive clearance for t/o not for 0810z, but for 0810z and 33 seconds...

    Not really. Are you sure that you don't confuse the official time slot with the moment when the PF says 'rotate' ?

    Let's take the LH #075, announced for 0855 local. They left the ground here at 0901 local.

    0855 is the time when officially the doors are closed. 0901 is what the Control Tower writes down. Which is not bad. A tolerance of six minutes for 100 nautical miles!

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