today it's happening something strange. I got a new Laudamotion reg (OE-LOJ) and I uploaded it as I came back home from the airport. The photo went immediately "currently in screening" but I'm still waiting, 10:30H later, for the screening result.... but I got one result!!
Someone uploaded it 4 hours later and I lost my "first reg badge" because of this never ending "currently in screening".
Now, you may think that I don't care if I get the badge or no, that I just care about the uploaded photo; that's wrong. This morning I went to the airport (80km) JUST for taking this new reg. And what I got? That someone got it while my photo is still in the "currently screening"? If you wanna cross-check the times I uploaded the photo at around 12:45 and at that time the aircraft was flying from VIE to VLC, without any photo ofc.
If my photo has some problem why just don't reject it immediately and so I fix and send it again and gain my badge? I would have spent all the 20 slots to get it.
It may seems a childish complaint but that badge was mine as I did everything to get it and YOU just "ignored" it and gave it to someone else.
I really feel robbed now.

Tombarelli Federico