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Thread: More checklists for pilots to keep straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3WE View Post
    Sure, a little hyperbole there
    Sure, maybe a little.

    All I want is a requirement for a voluntary means to provide medical information required for flight crew awareness (as opposed to cluelessness) and/or special needs. This is about avoiding conflicts, embarrassments and disruptions, not about banning anyone. Flight crews are currently expected to bar passengers from boarding a flight if they appear too ill or represent a health risk to other passengers. That's what happened here.

    Every gate agent from here to Bhutan has something called a computer terminal, and notations of a passengers needs or condition can be sent through something called an 'operational infrastructure' to inform the necessary personnel well ahead of boarding time.
    If the passenger looks 'scary' but the condition is known to be non-threatening, nothing awkward will happen. If the needs cannot be met, the airline can inform the passenger, who can opt out of the booking without a cancellation fee. Or, if the condition is considered threatening, the airline can refuse the booking, but they would have to have good reason to avoid a lawsuit.
    (you see TeeVee, I'm not against lawyers and lawsuits if they serve a good purpose and the awards are not grossly out of proportion).

    Your aforementioned chaos got me to various places in the world in amazingly fast times (in 75% of my attempts) in the past three months for some crazy economical is working "just wonderfully".
    How wonderful for you. Now try it with a rare and frightening skin condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3WE View Post
    Awesome. Much as I predicted you bypassed the question on a technicality.
    sorry. your question got lost in the noise. ask again and i'll try to answer

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