Dear team,

I have recently got my 1111th photo accepted to the database and I have to tell that I’m leaving Jetphotos. I am not planning any uploads in future and I’ve decided to stop at this number.

I’ve been posting photos here for last 16 years – quite a long way, isn’t it?

It’s up to every particular member whether to accept and follow the upload guidelines and acceptance criteria or to remain just a site visitor and not a contributor. I have now selected the second option and there are several reasons that have brought my decision to life.

The first reason is photos of airplanes at cruising altitude that are taken by a telescope. I’ve been doing this type of photography for more than 10 years and since recent 3-4 years they all are 100% rejected unless unnatural contrast is applied that makes photo look overprocessed and artificial. In all other cases I get rejection for contrast.

Photos taken in cloudy weather are another reason. The rejection reason for most of them is again contrast. Unfortunately we can’t control the weather and sometimes the only opportunity to get a photo of a specific aircraft that may be valuable to a spotter is to shoot during dull weather. I have always been trying to get the best from “non-sunny” photos and make them looking pleasantly rather than giving up spotting on cloudy days.

The final reason that has pushed me towards making up my mind is a series of recent rejections on “hot photos” – several new registrations and liveries. Not all of those photos were taken in ideal conditions but from my side I tried to get the best. Despite I use basic principle “one photo – one upload attempt” I’ve tried to make corrections however the result was always the same – a rejection.

Since now and on I’ve decided not to put my photos under any screening process. Unfortunately I have proved for myself that there can be no objective judgment in this procedure. Everything always gets to the only criteria – whether a screening person likes a photo or dislikes it. Moreover processing photos based on the acceptance criteria prevents any “non-standard” approach like making higher output resolution, changing composition etc.

I’m definitely going on with aviation photography as nothing can stop my main passion. You can find my newest photos on resources like Flickr, Instagram and Facebook.

I’m thankful to all JP team for these 16 years of cooperation and I wish you success!

My best regards,
Sergey Kustov