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Thread: German Air Force

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    Default German Air Force

    Well. I should be able to say only the best words here in this topic.

    But probably I am also one of only two jetphotos members who knows a little bit more than the average guy on the street. So. I think this topic must be discussed on a brilliant aviation platform like jetphotos. With honest words, no exaggerated politeness.

    Sometimes I like to say, well, why don't you call a B744, there is at least one in Germany. Mostly I've said something like that when a member of the
    German Government ordered a flight, but that flight was not able to take off.

    Now, as I am not the only person who wonders how you can be a member of the German Government and order a flight but not be able to take off,
    let's discuss it.

    Jetphotos indeed is a briliant platform, jetphotos like this included:
    This is an Airbus A310-300, the series was built between 1982 and 1998. The a/c in the photo is ex registration 'DDR-ABC',
    so, that seems to be an Airbus which yet existed before November 1989. 30 years old.

    But now there is a fact which nobody until today has explained. This ex DDR-ABC flies and flies and flies and flies, without 1 problem. Why.

    My answer would be, the A310-300 is easier, less complicated and faster to maintain than let's say an A340-300.

    Only an assumption, I am not a technician. Another crazy fact is, members of the German Government order a flight. But that does not mean that two pilots who 24/7 only wait for that moment jump into their cockpit and within minutes the flight takes place.
    The fleet is not based in Berlin. That means, whenever somebody orders a flight, that order arrives at the fleet. Then two pilots who 24/7 only wait for that moment jump into their cockpit,
    and then they fly to Berlin!

    With the Bombardier Global 5000 it's even better, not either based in Berlin, but maintained in Berlin! So, if you need new tires or a screw, the Bombardier jet will be flown to Berlin. Only for 1 screw, if you urgently need a screw. And then the Bombardier jet will be flown back to its parking position.

    Earlier this night I said that I'll try to be polite. But this procedure is not efficient. It is the opposite of efficiency!
    And prone to mistakes.

    PS: Only in case... LH #510 today 21:55 local.
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