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Thread: Planespotting Locations in Boise

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    Default Planespotting Locations in Boise

    Hi all,
    I'm headed up to Seattle next weekend with an overnight stop in Boise. I'm going to be planespotting at the airport for a couple hours before sunset and a couple hours after sunrise the next morning. I'm wondering if anyone knows any good spots for both morning and evening there that I could check out. I've tried Google but it wasn't of much help. Everything that I found was from the time when my brother was active here (well over a decade ago now).
    Another thing that I like to do while spotting is checking what I could take a picture of through the fence. Are there any places besides the military area where that would be a bad idea?

    Any help is appreciated,

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    I would look on JP photos shot at that airport.
    Looking at them I would look for references to compare with google maps.
    Alternatively you can see if there is information on the Airport Spotting Blog.
    Excuse my bad English.

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