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Thread: Air Zimbabwe 767 Engine Surge, Tailpipe Flames, Mayday... Continues to Destination

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoeingBobby View Post
    No but they do make one that they can shove up your rear end and see if you have a brain.
    You are a pilot. You are supposed to monitor lots of stuff and follow procedures. Temperatures, TOPMS, MCAS, AND if the lavatory fault light is on caution...

    If you need any advice, rest assured, we will assist you.

    Stop it with the brain stuff. Yes, this can all be considered blue font.
    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.

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    Children, behave.

    --- Judge what is said by the merits of what is said, not by the credentials of who said it. ---
    --- Defend what you say with arguments, not by imposing your credentials ---

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