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Thread: Problem: Previously deleted photo now shown in rejected?

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    Default Problem: Previously deleted photo now shown in rejected?

    I'm fairly confident I deleted photo id 7397400 about a week ago from my queue but it has shown up as screened and rejected (and I wouldn't say for invalid reasons...)? I uploaded it from my laptop and after viewing it from my PC didn't look so ready... which is why I deleted it.

    It's one of 3 i uploaded together, but it is also one of 2 I'm confident I deleted, only ID 7397388 should be remaining from that group (also rejected but that's fine, I'll look at fixing it later). I'm sorry I don't have the ID of the 3rd photo, it was a winglet shot, it was deleted properly apparently.

    I don't really care that much, but it seems to be something that needs to be reported, either the interface on the client side failed or the database didn't properly remove the reference?

    photog id 159893
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