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Thread: Over processed/Bad postprocessing rejections lately

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    Default Over processed/Bad postprocessing rejections lately

    Hi all
    I don't know anymore what i'm doing wrong, but lately i got one rejection after the other for bad postprocessing/ over processed. I still work the same way as usual and had another bunch of pictures accepted in the past.
    Can you help me with this one please?
    The picture that was rejected is this one:

    it's in dutch but the most of you will understand where my settings are in camera raw i suppose:

    jpg afbeelding

    In my opinion,this isn't over processed, at least i don't see it on my monitor. I got other pictures accepted with similar settings..

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    Hi, please read here carefully, especially #4:

    Your previous thread:

    Thank you.

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    As an additional reply to this specific shot. It quite a harsh reject. I suggest an appeal with a link to this thread.
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