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SFO-SJC in FSX, Project Fokker F28 Mk4000

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  • SFO-SJC in FSX, Project Fokker F28 Mk4000

    Just a quick hop in FSX testing out my new repaint of the PF F28 Mk4000. I had the ground texture settings rather low, I didn't realise this until I was halfway to SJC, sorry. Mabey this is why the taxiway lines didn't load at SFO? I also appologize for the quality, as when I converted the shots to jpeg on MSpaint, they lost quality. Also, seeing as they have yet to make a proper Ttools for FSX, I only have the airlines in the WOAI packages. The skies feel so empty in most places.

    Sitting at the gate as the last passangers take their seats.

    Everybody is onboard, we are preparing to close the exit.

    The tug never came, so we had to push back the old fashioned way.

    Close up of the scheme of this ex-NLM bird as we let the engines start up.

    Begining our short trip to runway 1L for a VFR flight to SJC.

    At the threshold of 1L waiting for an American MD80 to get airborn.

    Rolling into position and hold.

    A TED A320 is escorted by an airport fire engine as we hold on 1L.

    Tucking in the gear and climbing away from 1L.

    Gear up and we are about to start our left turn towards the South.

    We make our turn as the sun sets over the Pacific.

    Turning over SFO as a Ted A320 climbs away from 1L for LAS.

    Soaring through the clouds over the San Francisco Bay.

    Turning to enter the Left-hand pattern for 30L at SJC.

    Passing over Moffet Field(KNUQ), a NASA/National Guard facility. The Large Hangars were once used to house and construct Airships.

    Approaching SJC.

    Descending towards San Jose against the pink sky at sunset.

    Slowing down with a bit of help from the airbrake.

    Scooting over to the right to allow myself more room for a turn to final.

    Looking out over the Silicon Valley.

    Gear down and we're turning final for 30L.

    Almost there, I was about to hit the throttles and go around thinking I was too high before I remembered there quite an over-run area I have before the touchdown zone, so I figured I'd be fine.

    Touchdown a little short of the Touchdown Zone, and a little bit to the right of the center line.

    Time to slow this baby down!

    An AA MD-80 sits at the gate as we exit 30L.

    View from the tower as we vacate the runway.

    Flaps, spoilers, and airbrake retracted as we make our way towards the gate.

    Approaching the jetway.

    Full stop at the gate, doors open. We're waiting for the GSE.

    Dunno what the driver is thinking. Baggage cart approaches on the starboard side.

    Tug connects for the next segment as the ground crews do their job.

    Hope you enjoyed these.

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    Nice shots and GREAT LIVERY


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      I bet you'll like N24MA which will be in my next thread.


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        hahahaha, brilliant Chasen!


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          They're Reeeaall Preetttyyyy!!

          You're lucky to get such excellent results with FSX!

          Very nice.



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            Nise shots man !!! I have never really been a fan of Fokkers but this one looks quite nice...maybe because of the c/s. And nice to see FSX with such good graphics
            PS. the name of the


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              LMAO, love the name. And the captains 80's porn star stasche


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                Thanks girls. My computer could barely run FSX at first. But I firmly anounced "I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE #**#!+)&)!#&# SNAKES ON THIS $*#!#@# PLANE!" So I asked for a graphics card for xmas, got one, then I bought a new motherboard, cooling system, and 1GB of Ram(512MB before). Runs like a dream. Not bad for a Compaq Presario.

                I hope you guys will enjoy RST-MSP in sistership N24MA.


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                  Nice shots! Funny you should mention Compaq Presario, that's what I'm using right now lol. My other computer's an eMachines desktop.


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                    fabulous shots mate...but i prefer if you can resize it to around 800x600 for easy viewing


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                      Originally posted by eyii
                      fabulous shots mate...but i prefer if you can resize it to around 800x600 for easy viewing
                      Ok, I'll keep that in mind for the next thread. Thanks.

                      Originally posted by Foxtrot
                      Nice shots! Funny you should mention Compaq Presario, that's what I'm using right now lol.
                      My condolences.