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    I've been doing only missions and lessons since I got FSX so I decided it was time I did some free flying. I decided to start local at my hometown airport of HPN. I started on 34 at HPN, departed, than headed south for LGA. I entered the Left Downwind leg for runway 4, than landed and headed for GA parking. Please be patient with the graphics as Im still trying to fine tune FSX on my system.
    Aircraft: Cessna 172SP Skyhawk
    Callsign/Registration:G-AFBM (Don't ask me why-it was the default Reg with the plane)
    Route:VFR HPN-LGA

    (See below for screenshots)

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    are you using paint to open and view the photos? Just resize the photos to something like 800x600 that should bring the size down. Then when you save just put "filename.jpg" make sure you put the " because that will force it as that. or I think you can just select in the drop down menu under the filename what kind of file you want


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      And now for 'Take 3'...


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        The problem might have been the Space in the filenames. That or the size, which I corrected.
        THird time's a charm?

        Lined up RWY 34 HPN ready for take off.

        Turning South to head for LGA (my favorite Shot of the Set). Tappan Zee Bridge to the right.

        NYC Ahead 1 'O Clock

        Passing over Queens. Let's Go Mets!

        Passing LGA, about to turn to the Left Downwind leg for Runway 4

        On the Downwind Leg, looking ahead at Manhattan.

        Rollout, kicking up dust and snow(?).

        Parked at GA Parking.