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50 Years europe, A B-present

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  • 50 Years europe, A B-present

    Today (Sunday 25 March 2007) is the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This treaty was upon it's signing in 1957 the start of the current European union which has grown for a small humble organization 50 years ago to a strong organization with worldwide influence now. To celebrate this fact there have been several festivals around Europe during the last days amongst them a huge musical live show "Stars of Europe" yesterday in fron of the Atomium in Brussels with a live broadcast on more than 53 TV channels worldwide. (More information on the EU history can be found here: and more info about the festivities here: )

    Since the main EU institutions are located in Brussels, we at Air Belgium felt it wouldn't more than logical than to throw a special 50 years Europe colorsheme on one of our Airbusses. Brussels is not only our main hub, but also the capital of Europe and thus we can be considered a European flag carrier aswell, and this is our way to support another 50 (or more years) of the European Union:

    Air Belgium is a European virtual airline operating from hubs in Brussels, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Liege and Ostend using a fleet of Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing aircraft across the globe. For more information please visit

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    That's a one awesome c/s that I would love to see in real life !!! Good job designing it and congrats on getting a new logojet !