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How do I move right or left on virtual view for mouse or keyboard?

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  • How do I move right or left on virtual view for mouse or keyboard?

    I got downloaded for view virtual cabin or cockpit by mouse moving. I press CRTL + SHIFT it works fine foward and back but How do I turn right or left side? I cannot understand CTRL + Forward what "forward" it is? I try crtl + "f" letter keyboard it doesn't work. What is that forward? what keyboard is for? I try 4 arrows (up, dn, right and left arrow) direction but it doesn't work. I just don't understand what they are showing me the instruction. I'm very confusing what they are trying to saying it.

    It says:

    Flight1 View Module (F1_view.dll) for FS2004
    (Release version

    License and Copyright Notice: This software is copyright 2004 Flight One Software, Inc.. You are free to place this software on your web site (private, public, or commercial), or on magazine promo CD ROMS, as long as this document is included in the package (unaltered in any way), and that you credit Flight One Software in the listed description of the software. Having the software included as part of freeware, shareware, or commercial distributions (such as including it inside a setup application) requires the permission of Flight One Software.

    USE AND YOUR OWN RISK! Flight One Software offers this software on an as-is basis, and assumes no liability in your usage of this software.

    For more information on this module, please visit Flight One Software at


    The F1_View module is a very basic tool that implements mouse-based zooming, panning, and eyepoint adjustments, including the ability to move your eyepoint beyond the limits imposed by Flight Simulator (this feature is good to stroll about virtual cabins of larger aircraft).

    This module requires a wheel-mouse (a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button).


    F1ViewSetup.exe is a self-contained application that will either install or uninstall the F1_view.dll module to and from your FS2004\Modules folder. If will overwrite earlier versions if a new version of the module is released.

    You can use the F1ViewSetup.exe application as often as you like. There may be instances where you may not want to use F1_view if it conflicts with another component that you may have installed.

    Note: When using F1_view, and the center mouse wheel is being used, you may need to hold the cursor away from a gauge that accepts mouse inputs, as the center wheel may fire off a gauge action.

    Modes of Operation:

    Rolling the mouse wheel forward means rolling the wheel away from the user.
    Rolling the mouse wheel backward means rolling the wheel towards the user.


    Wheel forward moves you forward and wheel backward moves you back.
    CTRL+forward moves right and CTRL+backward moves left.
    SHIFT+forward moves up and SHIFT+backward moves down.
    CTRL+SHIFT+forward zooms out and CTRL+SHIFT+backward zooms in.

    While in Pan Mode (when mouse wheel is pressed and held down) inside the Virtual Cockpit:

    Moving the mouse to the left rotates the view to the left.
    Moving the mouse to the right rotates the view to the right.
    Moving the mouse forward, away from the user, rotates the view up.
    Moving the mouse backward, towards the user, rotates the view down.

    Can you describe me how do I use the mouse or keyboard to make turn right or left side?

    I don't really know why. It moves right or left. But I thought you turn right side of view window pointing to the wing. It doesn't work. It moves like you are looking in the back of cabin forward or backward and sideway right or left. It doesn't move rotate turn right to other side of the window cabin. How do I turn to right or left side of cabin? What keyboard or mouse to do with? Do I have to buy a special mouse with a ball rolling? Not a mouse with wheel scroll, is it? I'm very puzzled it. I saw the or someone moved the clip cabin moving everywhere that what I saw. I thought someone using mouse or keyboard. How they do that?



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    Well I use it so that's what i do to "move":

    Press and hold the wheel on mouse and move the mouse to "move your head around cockpit"
    Shift+turn the wheel - move up/down
    Ctrl + turn the wheel - move left/right
    Wheel turn - move forward/back