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A Bright and Beautiful summer is coming! [ABB new schedules]

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  • A Bright and Beautiful summer is coming! [ABB new schedules]

    Welcome once again in one of our famous news updates, as you may have noticed, there haven't been a lot Air Belgium news updates lately, but that's because there just wasn't a lot to report. But as we are now about to start spring, it's time to present (like every other year) our new summer schedules as of 1 May 2007. This year there will be slightly more changes than just the timetables as we will also introduce a new Economy class service concept to align our service better with the new Flyeire which will start it's merged operations on 1 may aswell, so passengers can expect the same service standards throughout our combined network.
    We will now explain the different changes further down this report, if you are not interested in it, now would be a good time to stop reading and take a quick look at the pics, otherwise I hope you will enjoy the information we will give and hopefully give some constructive criticism.

    1. On-board service changes
    2. Timetable changes

    1. On-board service changes:

    At Air Belgium we always aimed to provide our passengers the best service for the fairest price. Up to now we always had complimentary on-board service in all classes, but to be able to continue to give our passengers the choice between the lowest prices and most flexible service we decided that we feel that we will better meet costumer service when we will introduce a buy on board menu for Discovery Class (Y) passengers.

    While Sapphire Class (F), Diamond Class(C) and Premium Discovery Class (Y+) will continue to get a complimentary on-board service with free meals, drinks and newspapers, Discovery Class (Y) passengers will now get the possibility to buy a wide offer of food and drinks for sale on all Leisure short-haul services aswell as all Business flights with a flight time of under 3 hours, on leisure long-haul flights and Business flights with a flight time of more than 3 hours our excellent complimentary in-flight service will be kept.


    2. Timetable changes:

    As usual the biggest changes in the summer schedules can be found with Leisure, like every year we will start services to a whole range of typical holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and other popular holiday resorts for European tourists. Our offer this year is even bigger than last years with some new and exciting destinations to fly to aswell as improved frequencies to the most popular destinations. This is all possible thanks to the addition of an additional brand new Airbus A320-200 to the Leisure fleet as well as the chartering of Flyeire Boeing 737-700's to operate some services on behalf of Air Belgium leisure.

    But of course there are more changes to the Air Belgium network than just our leisure services. On Business Long-Haul flights we changed our flight times of certain flights slightly to improve transfer possibilities onto other Air Belgium flights while introducing some new destinations aswell. We will now be offering daily flights from Brussels to Detroit in the USA and Chennai / Madras in India (with a stop-over in Dubai, thus offering 2 daily flights between Brussels and Dubai) operated by Airbus A330-200 equipment. We are also reintroducing flights to Dhaka in Bangladesh, these will happen with a stopover in Doha (Qatar) after which the flight will continue to Colombo in Sri Lanka 4 times a week (as now already is the case) and 3 times a week to Dhaka, these flights will be flown by Airbus A340-300 equipment.

    On the short-haul sectors there are also some changes, Cairo and Tel Aviv will be operated by Airbus A321's instead of Boeing 747-400's from now to better match demand on the route.
    We will also add additional flights on some major routes, Brussels to London Heathrow will get a 5th daily flight and Brussels - Geneva a 4th daily flight, both operated by Airbus A318 while a 4th flight on Brussels - Madrid will be flown by an Airbus A320.
    Larnaca will be changed to a Business A319 (from Leisure A320) service and Prague will get a third daily A319 flight, while Berlin Schoenefeld is beeing introduced as a new destination from Brussels with a 4 times daily A319 service (to complement and not to replace our 4 times daily Brussels to Berlin Tempelhof CRJ900 service). Milan Linate will now get an A319 twice a day to meet the rising demand of the route which couldn't be handled by the CRJ700 anymore.

    Air Belgium connection will also launch some new services, Podgorica in Montenegro and Vagar on the Faroer Islands will now get a daily CRJ700 service from Brussels while Manchester will be flown twice daily and Rome Fiumicino once daily from Antwerp using a CRJ200.

    Air Belgium is a European virtual airline operating from hubs in Brussels, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Liege and Ostend using a fleet of Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing aircraft across the globe. For more information please visit