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A Quick Reference Guide to Civilian Information

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  • A Quick Reference Guide to Civilian Information

    A Quick Reference Guide to Civilian Information
    JetPhotos Specific

    JetPhotos strives for accurate information within the limitations of our database and ease of searches. In order to achieve this please use the following Quick Reference guide for uploads of Military Aircraft.

    Please see

    JetPhotos maintains the autofill as accurately as possible, however bad information submitted in the past does make it's was through so please check every entry.

    Normally self explanatory. Ex-military aircraft now privately owned on the civil register should be listed as 'Civilian'.

    All main airports are listed on the menu using the ICAO four letter airport code. If your airport is not listed please add it via

    If your photo is taken whilst airborne select the country you are flying over then 'Inflight'. 'International Airspace' should be used sparingly only when over water with no knowledge of which countries airspace you are in.

    If your photo was taken at a location away from an airport please use the 'Other Location' option. Minimise the data you enter and please do not type 'Off Airport' as used on other websites.

    Aircraft Types
    Most are as listed in the aircraft menus. If the type is not in the menu you can have it added at

    Most are as listed in the airline menus. If the airline is not in the menu you can have it added at Non-aviation companies will not be listed, such as 'Ford Company' or 'Roman Abromavich'. These are listed as 'Private'. 'Untitled' should be used sparingly as the operator of most aircraft can be obtained via the links above.

    Standard national registration markings should be used. The following countries do not use a hyphen:
    Korea - HLxxxx
    Japan - JAxxxx
    United States - Nxxxx

    Construction Numbers
    Must be entered as obtained from the autofill or other website links. Please think very carefully before pressing 'Send Photo & Information;' when the CN field is still blank. If in doubt use this forum to make enquires prior to uploading. If no CN can be found leave a note for the screener in the 'Comments to Screeners' field.

    Some regulators vary the way CNs are written, please use the JP standard:
    Boeing - only use the numbers before any / symbol. Numbers after that / symbol are the line number which we do not use.
    Bombardier Learjets - xx-xxx (please note a Learjet 35A will be 35-xxx to match our census)
    Cessna Props - xxxxxxx (the first three digits are the make, ie a Cessna 172 will be 172xxxx)
    Cessna Jets - xxx-xxxx (the first three digits are the make, ie a Cessna 525 will be 525-xxxx)
    Piper - xx-xxxxx (the first two digits are the make, ie a Piper PA-28 will be 28-xxxx)
    Reims-Cessna - Fxxxxxxx (the first three digits are the make, ie a Reims-Cessna F172 will be F172xxxx, many regulators only list the last four digits)


    Photo-Specific Categories:

    Accident: Depict an accident or incident-related event?
    Air to Air: Photo taken of one plane from another? ...whilst both are airborne!
    Airport: Depict an airport terminal, tower, etc.?
    Cabin Shot: Depict the interior of an aircraft cabin?
    Flight Deck: Depict the interior of the aircraft's cockpit?
    Night Shot: Depict an aircraft in night/dusk/dawn lighting? Not dependant on the time but on the colours and shadows on the aircraft
    Wing View: Photo taken out a window over the wing?

    Aircraft-Specific Categories:

    Business Jet: Depict a business jet aircraft?
    Cargo Plane: Depict a cargo aircraft? Including military transports
    Helicopter: Depict a helicopter?
    Lighter-than-Air: Depict a balloon or blimp?
    Small Prop: Depict a small prop plane (Cessna, etc.)? Including military small props
    Special Scheme: Celebratory or otherwise special scheme? Do not select for hybrids or all white aircraft, does not include British Airways' World Tails
    Warbird/Vintage: Depict a warbird or vintage aircraft? Does not apply to serving military aircraft unless in a Historic Flight or similar

    Last Update: 12 September 2007.
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    cheers for that mate.


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      The small prop cateogory decription is still not very helpfull, define a smalll prop. Size? Weight? Or what.

      UK Homebuilt aircraft construction numbers are PFA-XXX-XXXX.


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        Please be patient Ollie, I'm begging you.


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          Originally posted by AJ
          Please be patient Ollie, I'm begging you.
          Sorry, dont need to begg me. :-p although it might help.

          Onliy kidding i guess i should stop asking.