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List of operators with difficult to tell genre

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  • List of operators with difficult to tell genre

    List will grow as I work my way through the db. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

    The general rule is: if the aircraft carries a civil registration it needs the civil genre, but there are a few excemptions (for example Thai Air Force).

    Australia - Royal Australian Navy Historic Flight -> civil
    belong to a civil preservation society, use civil regs
    Brazil - Federal Police -> civil
    It is subordinate to the federal Ministry of Justice
    Brazil - Força Nacional -> mil
    Colonel of the Military Police of Rio Grande do Sul has operational and direct control of the force.
    Brazil - Military Firefighters -> mil.
    part of the military (although the have a civil registration)
    Brazil - Military Police -> mil.
    part of the military (although the have a civil registration)/ please use this for individual state forces as well
    Brazil - Polícia Civil -> Civil
    The Civil Police are agencies of the public administration of the federative units of Brazil, whose function is, in accordance with article 144 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, the exercise of the public security for the preservation of the public order, of the safety of the people and the patrimony.
    Colombia - Police -> civil
    The National Police of Colombia is not part of the Military of Colombia
    France - Gendarmerie -> mil
    The Gendarmerie is a branch of the French Armed Forces
    Germany - Bundesgrenzschutz -> civil
    reports to the ministry of the interior - not defence - changed its name to "Bundespolizei" at the end of 2005 (still valid for the vintage UH-1 at Gatow)
    Germany - Bundespolizei -> civil
    reports to the ministry of the interior - not defence
    Germany - Police -> civil
    The German states are responsible for managing the bulk of Germany's police forces. Each state has its own police force known as the Landespolizei (State Police).
    Iran - Revolutionary Guard -> mil
    part of the armed forces
    Iran - Police Aviation -> civil
    part of the Ministry of Interior
    Italy - Arma dei Carabinieri -> mil
    part of the armed forces
    Italy - Coast Guard -> mil
    part of the Italian Navy, although subordinate to Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in peace time
    Italy - Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo (ENAV) -> civil
    civil company owned by the ministry of ecnonmy and finance which provides air traffic service
    Italy - Forestale -> civil
    An agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the CFS acts as a park ranger force
    Italy - Guardia di Finanza -> mil
    although belonging to the ministry of Economy and Finance, they have a combat role in Italy and use mil. regs (in case of war they become military border guards)
    Italy - Police -> civil
    A change of law in 1981 made die Polizia de Strato a civil organisation. The joy is that they seem to use MM**** style regs.
    Italy - Protezione Civile -> civil
    civil defence organisation
    Italy - Vigili del Fuoco -> civil
    Italy's institutional agency for fire and rescue service (correct reg is I-VF** not VF-XX)
    Japan - Coast Guard -> civil
    reports to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism not the Ministry of defence and uses civil style regs.
    Malaysia - Maritime -> civil
    is in effect the coast guard of Malaysia. The Agency is not part of nor are there any plans for it be integrated into the Malaysian Armed Forces.
    Mexico - Police -> civil
    even policia Federal is part of the ministry of the interior
    NASA -> civil
    independent agency of the US Government responsible for the civilian space program
    NATO - Airborne Early Warning Force -> mil
    although they have a civil registration, the E-3A Awacs are managed by a military headquarter
    Poland Border Guard -> civil
    The servicehas been re-established in the Third Polish Republic as a civil, police-type service, with the act of 12 October 1990 and began operations on 16 May 1991.
    Poland - Police -> civil
    directly responsible to the national government.
    Russia - 223rd Flight Unit State Airline -> civil
    got full ICAO code, uses CHKALOVSK-AVIA callsign,
    Russia - 224th Flight Unit State Airline -> civil

    Russia - Federal Security Service -> mil
    Part of the armed forces (formerly known as KGB)
    Russia - Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) --> civil
    civil state corporation of the Russian Federation responsible for space flights
    Spain - Guardia Civil -> mil
    part of the armed forces
    Spain - National Police -> civil
    The National Police Corps (Spanish: Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) is the national civilian police force of Spain.
    Turkey - Coast Guard -> mil
    The Coast Guard Command (Turkish: Sahil Güvenlik Komutanlığı) is the coast guard branch of the Turkish Armed Forces.
    United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight -> civil
    airline for the government of Abu Dhabi, operating with civil registrations
    United Arab Emirates - Dubai Air Wing -> civil
    airline for the government of Dubai, operating with civil registrations
    United Kingdom - Coast Guard -> civil
    part of the transport ministry, civil registration
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