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Flight British Air. PHX-LHR, CDG-LHR-PHX

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  • Flight British Air. PHX-LHR, CDG-LHR-PHX

    My wife and I took a trip recently on BA to London and Paris. We flew to Heathrow non-stop from Phoenix on BA's 747-400. Took the train from London to Paris. Flew BA from CDG to LHR and then nonstop to Phoenix from London.

    I wouldn't normally post here on the various flights I take as they're generally domestic US and pretty uneventful. But I was pretty excited about being able to fly the 747 nonstop from Phoenix (normally I would have to connect somewhere in the US first).

    The equipment both on the way out and back showed their age. Coach (World Traveler) was simply horrible. Seats were cramped and the cabin was hot both ways and no way to adjust air flow in one's seat. The seats were really uncomforable too. And lastly, the in seat entertainment was also horrible. Screens showed their age and were horrible to watch.

    Oh, and both flights between PHX and LHR were 1.5 hours late. I can only assume that it is due to additional security being enforced on the London end of the flight. On the outbound leg, my A/C left London late and we also left London late on the way back.

    On the plus side, the service was pretty good and the crew was very friendly and service oriented.

    Actually, the flight from CDG to LHR was really good but I attribute that to being a newer a/c (an a320).

    Not strictly flight related, but I must say that LHR is a horrible airport to deal with. Having to switch terminals to connect is a huge headache and makes little sense-- e.g. we landed in a secured area, took the bus from one secured area to the other but then had to go through security again in the separate terminal.

    Net-net-- I can see why 747-400's are going away. Hopefully the -8's are way better.