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Good Bye LORAN-C.....!!!

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  • Good Bye LORAN-C.....!!!

    Good bye LORAN-C we will miss you!!
    Anyone remember those old good days? people used to invest $2,000 bucks for a brand new digital Loran C for their Piper or Cessna, well today that is history!!

    read this news:
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    Doesn't sound like a good idea.
    I do work for a domestic US airline, and it should be noted that I do not represent such airline, or any airline. My opinions are mine alone, and aren't reflective of anything but my own knowledge, or what I am trying to learn. At no time will I discuss my specific airline, internal policies, or any such info.


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      I am an enormous advocate for having a backup system for GPS (due to a variety of reasons which I won't go into... bringing back University nightmares!) but the simple fact is that LORAN-C, the one being shut down, is not a backup, and is next to useless in this day and age. It is impractical for use in aviation (accuracy is not sufficient to beat IRS/INS nav and ground update anyway), and doesn't solve the timing issues which are the real GPS vulnerability.

      eLORAN is certainly a potential candidate for many of the reasons stated in the article, but note that it is an entirely new architecture that would be required... keeping the outdated LORAN-C on the air isn't helping many people, and isn't a part of an eLORAN solution.

      Hopefully now they'll remove LORAN-C from the ATPL navigation exams!