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Help finding UAL B747-100 tail number

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  • Help finding UAL B747-100 tail number

    I’m trying to find out the tail number of a United B747-100 I flew on back in 1990 from NRT to SFO and then on into ORD. I say it was a 100 series because it had only three windows on the upper deck for the passenger area. The aircraft had a number just up from and adjacent the nose gear which was 8055.

    I’ve run the number in several commercial airliner on-line photo albums along with a search engine and checked a couple of books and have struck out in finding the tail number for this aircraft.

    As one of my hobbies, I like to keep track and take pictures of all the airliners I fly on. When they pulled this aircraft into the gate at NRT, I couldn’t see the tail number due to the angel and distance of the tail.

    Does anyone know how this number correlates to the tail or registration number for United’s fleet of B747’s? I'd really like to find some additional photos of this aircraft.
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    I would be hard to give the Actual plane but I can give you the ones they did have/

    N9665 (this one doesnt have the U registration as it was originally deliverd to AAL)

    They also had two 200s from Pan Am (200s were similar to 100s in look) that transferred to United in 1986


    Thier retired dates were all 95-98 so I cannot tell which one in 1990 it would have been.


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      Thanks W7PSK for the information.

      I looked at all of them and all had more than three windows on the upper deck. Also, I did noticed how the tail numbers tie into the four digit number I'm trying to find. Example: N4735U - last two digits are in the four digit number I'm trying to figure out - 8035. Thus the 35 in the tail number is the last two digits in the four digit "hull/cn/ship number" or what ever this number is called.

      Based on that, I tried for a N4755U to see if there was a United B747-100 listed because the number I'm looking for is 8055. None were found!

      Perhaps no one took any pictures of this particular aircraft besides me? After all, this was well prior to the digital era.

      Time will tell.


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        Originally posted by W7PSK View Post
        N9665 (this one doesnt have the U registration as it was originally deliverd to AAL)
        N9665 went on to become HI-472 with Dominicana, however it returned to United as N155UA in 1987, that could be the one you are looking for!