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Airsick taking pics?

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  • Airsick taking pics?

    Is this just me? Also I put this here because it is a bit out of the norm even though photos are the main stock of this forum; this is taking pics from plane to ground.

    Generally, I have never been air sick. Only two things have ever triggered anything like it.

    The first was when I volunteered to take photos of local terrain features for the kid of a friend for a geography class. So as a another pal flew, I snapped pictures of his school, shopping mall, stone quarry and the like. Between passes over the area I felt fine but with my "face in the lens" I was definitely queasy.

    The second was in the evening haze with a high wing aircraft. I did not feel air sick but a slight disorientation. It was VFR but the summer haze almost made it feel like being in an upside down soup bowl.

    With the second example, on a few occasions I have noticed a "higher degree of confidence" .... or .... less discomfort ... with a low wing aircraft. It is almost like the eye has a point of reference with the low winged plane. With the wing high, like on a Cessna, with a "visual point" gone, and without a horizon (due to haze), the feeling is enhanced.

    Funny, but this reminds me of something when I was a mech. My brother in law told me when drunk and the room starts to spin and to counteract this so you don't get sick ... lie on the bunk and put a foot on the floor and a foot on the wall (if you can). He said this was an "old Navy pilots trick" and damned if it didn't work. The room stopped spinning. I only used this twice but found it amazing and figured it was an inner ear connection.

    He also said "oxygen" so after a squadron party at the hangar I damned near broke a leg when I tumbled from the cockpit ten feet to the tarmac.
    Live, from a grassy knoll somewhere near you.