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Leo 747
Leo 747
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  • Thanks man, i'll have a try ...
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  • Alright, i'll try to use it better. Thanks!!!...
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  • Many thanks! That was helpful, i'll try to pay more attention to the clone stamp usage.

    Here's a recent one, rejected due to "Digital Manipulation" (odd rejection reason for me, but anyway... lol)
    When equalizing the pic, there's indeed a circle of the clone stamp tool at the sky. However, I swear I can't see it in normal version. The sky look perfect to me.
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  • Clone Stamp & Bad Postprocessing

    I've been having a few rejects specially on this "Bad Postprocessing" thing. Kinda annoying sometimes, since my workflow is pretty much the same for most of the pictures.

    I've been using the Clone Stamp tool to get rid of dust spots. This tool tend to mess up the sky (leaving those weird circles and stains). However, the image only appears messed up when equalized.
    The more you try to fix it, the more worn out the sky will look. Despite this, the regular view of the image is OK, and the sky is fine aswell. The problem only pops up when equalizing.

    So why are pictures being rejected for a problem that is only appearing when equalizing the picture? Same goes for halos around buildings or tails. Some can't be seen when the image is normal.
    Pic looks fine when in normal view, but looks weird when equalized. Well, the equalized version isn't the one which will be displayed in database, so why even bother? That's actually what I wonder....
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