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Leo 747
Leo 747
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  • Dana, many thanks for your considerations, they were indeed very helpful ...
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  • Hi there!
    I have a few questions about rejections related to cloning, specially those rejections due to digital manipulation and/or Bad Postprocessing.

    1) Removing a fence from the edges of photos is accepted, or is it considered as "Digital Manipulation"?
    Sadly, fences are very annoying when they show up on the picture edges. Some can be easily cropped off the picture. However, some might still be there, creating darkened corners, similar to vignetting issues. Sometimes, cropping them off would also lead to cropping parts of the plane, which is not what we want. This can be corrected by cloning parts of the sky or ground which aren't affected by the fence. Does this kind of correction lead to a rejection, even if the result is good? A good result would be: no cloning marks, well blended sky colors, etc.

    2) Issues which can only be visible in the equalized version can lead to rejections?
    Imagine that, after editing, you have...
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