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  • OK Thanks Dana,

    Would the revised Etihad still get rejected for softness? I can try to more improve around the nose, because I also thought that was the worst part.

    I will forget the DHL, because colors and contrast are weird and don't think there is improvement possible on that....
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  • Thanks about that Dana, I've tried my luck with an in (in my eyes) improved and resized version of the Ural.

    I've had this reject recently but can't really figure out where the softness exactly is.
    Supposing the entire aircraft is too soft, but for some reason i don't see, so any guidance or explanation would be appreciated.
    For surance I've made this re-edit.

    But personally I don't think it's better, but an extra eye would be appreciated here.

    i also would like a prescreen on this one.
    There was sunlight, but bit weird conditions, Clouds came also in. Image from last summer. Curious if it will pass the contrast cut. Maybe exposure and sharpness could also come into play.

    Thanks in Advance....
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  • OK thanks Dana,

    I've tried the TAROM with some extra sharpening and resizing to the smallest size.(so NOT the one shown here)

    Now I would like a prescreen on these two photos

    Again this one, Tried to rework the sharpening as the original looks good to me, but maybe I'm seeing it wrong. So my most important questiom is, if it's sharp enough right now,

    One it the very last light of the day. A total prescreen on at least sharpness, exposure, centering and contrast would be appreciated here.

    Thanks in advance...
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  • Thanks a lot Dana, I'll try my luck with the third one. If it fails,so be it.

    Now I would like a prescreen on these two images.

    Biggest worry for me is the fact i think its too soft.

    Biggest worries here are also softness, especially to the front and if the colors and exposure are sufficient for late autumn light.

    If there are thinks I've missed, I would likew to know as well.

    Thanks in advance,...
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  • After studying and re-editing, I really doubt it's fixable. On the RAW-file it seems good, but while editing, quality seems to get destroyed in my eyes.Not a that big crop, but still the fact is the fact.Took another snap out for editing of this one, but running into issues for around at least 60% of the aircraft. Especially running to back the quality is nood good for me, around windows and maybe even tail in looks soft or maybe even blurry.Could you (or someone else seeing this ofcourse) prescreen this version for me

    Besides this one, i would like a prescreen on two other images.

    Same story a bit as the EY. deleted a previous version out oof queue, due to softness thoughts, reworked and resized a bit coming this.
    Biggest concerns here are sharpness, horizon and contrast Of course contrast here, but might have avoided that with setting the aircraft against the trees. Please note here, that the wing was cut-off already in the RAW-file, so I needed...
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  • Thanks Dana, you're right about the softness mentioned, but this was a re-edit with extra sharpness added and even a small resize, compared to the one I brought to this thread. But apparently I've done something wrong in the re-edit in at least sharpening. I will study, re-edit and come back here....
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  • Thanks Dana,

    I've reworked the second one and wil queue it in on of the upcoming days,

    Today i've received this reject and I'm confused about it.
    The centering is okay in my eyes even with using the center tool at this page and the sharpening should at least be acceptable
    Horizon is tricky but in my eyes the verticals in are straight enough.The aircraft seeming to be running a bit looking up is distracting in my opinion
    I am considering an appeal, but want to know if it''s justified and if otherwise any other clearance about the mentioned facts could be given.

    Thanks in advance...
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  • OK thanks anyway Dana,

    I've queued an improved version of the EY 787-10
    I keep struggling with the KL 787-10. I do have another snap of it but also with cutted of left wingtip on the RAW-file. I made another edit of that one, but also not sure about the quality of that one. Another pre-screen of at least the crop, sharpness and exposure would be appreciated. I took a little from the right wing to look it a litlle more balanced in my eyes

    Second question is about this reject I received for horizon unlevel
    First idea for me is it needs a litlle CW but when I do that a pole and house in the back would fall to the right side and I think that's not the intention

    Any guidance would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance...
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