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  • Thanks a lot Dana,

    I've queued an (in my eyes) improved version of the China Cargo

    I've also reworked the EK 777F, but as I'm still unsure about its quality I would again like a prescreen on it.

    At least softness is a big potential issue on this one. Especially upper part of the aircraft.

    I also have a second question.
    I've had this reject today
    Sorry for maybe annoying here, but i still find it difficult to manage sharpness/too soft sometimes.
    On this reject I don't really see what is exactly too soft as I'm seeing almost all the hard lines.
    Maybe the LH-side on the aircraft is the issue.
    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance and regards....
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  • Thanks Dana, I even found (after intense search) two branches blocking the RH main gear, which brings me the conclusion to NOT use them for JP.

    Now i would like a prescreen for these two photos.

    Both were taken on a clear winter day, with snow refelcting on the belly of the aircrafts.
    As this was pretty new for me to photograph, I am not sure if I had edited the correctly.
    Biggest potential issues for me are contrast, processing, color and maybe exposure.
    If I missed something, I would like to know as well.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  • Thank you Dana, luckily it got accepted.

    Now I would like a prescreen on two photos Which I'm unsure about.

    Biggest potential issues for me here are contrast, exposure/glare and also sharpening .Also I'm unsure if the bush is not too distracting. (it should not be obstructing the aircraft).

    Biggst potential issue here is dark/contrast. Some gloomy late afternoon light on the back of the aircraft. The potential better angles(due to light) were even worse IMHO, so I selected this one

    If there is anything I've missed I would like to know as well.

    Thanks in Advance.

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