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  • Unfortunately for you, you're wrong.
    After Bombardier was taken over by Airbus the aircrafts produced after that date went the A220-100 and A220-300. The aircraft before remain CS-100 and CS-300....
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  • Thanks for that Dana,

    Apparently I've made a mistake and I want to apologise for that and for wasting your valuable time on that

    This edit of the Embraer E2 in the previous post was taken from a different RAW-file from the same aircraft as he rejected version and it took heavier cropping which would make clear at least partly the compression and softness issue.

    For getting things better I made a re-edit of the rejected version again and I will show that now and ask for pre-screen.
    Again I did no heavy editing only adding some contrast, removing dust and adding sharpening (sensor is dirty unfortunately,and no time for cleaning yet)

    The RAW-file of the reject I can't upload here due to the size limitations here.

    Thanks in Advance...
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  • Thank you for all Dana,

    I've taken another snap of the rejected photo, edited it and want to offer it for prescreening now.,

    There were som ethin layers of clouds visible in the background, Maybe they are the issue for creating artefacts.
    Did not a lot of editing on this one, only adding some contrast and sharpening, but curious if it stands a chance now.

    I would also like a prescreen on these two photos

    INew edit of this one where I've tried to adress the issues you've mentioned, but honestly I'm afraid that the conditions and the softness (I'm almost sure it's still there )
    will kill this one

    Curious if all the material is not too disturbing ( the aircraft should be unobstructed though) and at least the horizon/ softness and contrast.

    Thanks in advance...
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  • Hello,

    I got home from holiday this week and during my holiday I've received this reject
    The oversharpen I don;t really see tbh and jpg compression I've never had that one before,
    Now I do see some strange kind of almost horizontal lines in the check for dust tool, But i really don't know how they got there.
    I've only added some contrast and sharpening and nothing more.
    I also save the final jpg on the highest quality possible
    This photo was taken just after the rejected photo and got accepted
    So, maybe someone could help me here, bacause I'm a litlle confused on this one,

    Also I would like prescreen on four photos.

    I've had this one queued, but deleted it because I think it's way too soft.

    Taken out of the window of my holiday charter, but thinking it's at leat too soft and dirty, and even...
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