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  • Thanks for your time Dana.

    Unfortunately I ran into a personal issue.
    I received this reject
    The contrast note I can deal with and acceptt it, however the backlit note surprises me.
    I know the tail is not that great lit, but AFAIK, the tail should be completely dark in this case for a backlit reject.
    The China Eastern CIIE 773 also got a backlit call above other (understandable) reasons.
    Has there anything changed about that by screening by the crew.

    Would that mean that photos like

    Would get rejected for backlit or only contrast
    I would like to submit these photos, but as I got unsure about them following the mentioned reject ( I even had the ABC in queue but i deleted it.) So I would like a prescreen on these two.

    I would also like a prescreen on these two photos

    Both were taken with a new lens. So I would...
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  • The amount of different people watching your photos on a particular day....
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  • Probably the angle of the sun might be the issue here. The Magma is fulltime side on while being perfectly lit. The Asiana has a pretty dark nose, while being photographed a little more head on. Can be a difference maker at (as it seems) Zeppelinheim.
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