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  • Dana, Of course I understand your opinion is just that and there is also screeners discretion and also discuss between crew.. The little difficult here it got only more distracting for me here...
    Anyway.. Time to move on now and I've tried to turn something negative into something positive now.
    I reworked another snap form this particular aircraft. and tried to combine the reject note and your comments on it.
    Took off some contrast and added some exposure and now I would like a prescreen on it.

    Just an extra look on contrast and exposure here would be great.
    And aso for sharpness, horizon and dirt here.

    Thanks in advance and regards...
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  • Yes, I meant indeed please reject for the right reasons. My apologies for the misunderstanding. And also for the long discuss, as I didnt want to get rude or unpolite, but went too difficult in making my point....
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  • That screeners will be as specific as possible with their reject reasons, because apparently the wrong reason was given here and it's not the first time, I get confused on a reject.
    And if you agree with this reject, as I don't. So I'm still considering appealing on this one....
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  • OK, thanks Dana.
    But is it too harsh for reject here?
    The conditions were also very contrasty here, with dark clouds and strong sun sometimes.
    So I could maybe reduce the contrast here,but for sure I would have to blow out the highlights in that case.
    Sorry for maybe annoying here, but please let the screeners be very specific in this kind of cases, as this is not the first time, this happens.

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  • Thank you for your thoughts Dana,

    I've decided to appeal and the appeal got accepted.

    Unfortunately I've received another reject today, which I do not reeally agree with.
    This one got rejected for underexposed.
    The histogram here on the reject page is fully stretched.
    Maybe I could add a very tiny touch of exposure, but the highlights on the back of the aircraft and on the buildings are for me pretty close to being blown out.
    So any guidance would be appreciated here.

    Thanks in advance and regards....
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  • The latest accepted photo by the JP-crew from the same date will be shown on FR24. Had this happen on several occasions. Doesn't matter on what time of the day the photo has been taken....
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  • Hello

    At first all the best for 2022 for everyone reading and following this thread.

    At second.
    I've received this reject lately for horizon unlevel.
    As I really don't see this issue here and no further explanation was given in the mail, I would like some guidance here as there is no clear horizon visible imho.
    So any guidance would be appreciated here.

    Thanks in Advance and regards.
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