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  • Thanks a lot Dana, I've queued them all.

    Now I would like pre-screen/advice on these ones.

    Light on the nose, so contrast is difficult. Unsure about color and contrast (personally I think it;s not working on contrast).

    This came in on this angle (serious) Unsure about sharpness, contrast, centering and compression.

    Unsure about centering, sharpness and contrast.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards...
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    Curious why this one isn't showing at FR24. Angle ain't that bad IMHO.

    Thanks in Advance...
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  • Thanks a lot Dana, Maybe I'll try to rework the third one. Won't persist with the other two as their originals lacked the quality after double check.

    Now I would like pre-screen/advice on three new ones.

    I'm unsure about at least the contrast and the color (sky too blue??) Entire aircraft was not included on the original and the aircraft was a little waving due to strong winds.

    Unsure about the contrast,sharpness and exposure. Note, it was 1,5hrs after sunrise and sun on front of the aircraft.

    Unsure about the sharpness here and maybe the crop. Also on this one, the entire aircraft was not included on the original.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards.

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  • I have two questions

    My acceptance ratio is around 86%, but unfortunately decreased a little due to trying some little less quality photos and some stupid rejects (my own fault), due to quarantaine rules .
    Now we're allowed to go out more again. checking my latest photos, iexpect to increase the ratio again.
    There are some points in rejects reasons, I wouldn't recognise, Could that be explained, if I would apply (one example is compression)
    What's an acceptable portfolio? I'm at 984 at the moment, but feeling yself a rookie sometimes compared to fellow photographers with for example 10000+ photos in de DB.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

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  • Hello, I would like a pre-screen on the following three images

    The entire aircraft was not included in this shot, with a cut off stabilizer and a dark tail, due to sun breaking through a cloud. I'm curious how this crop is, and if it's not too soft and if there is enough contrast..
    Wondering if this one is sharp enough and how contrast and exposure are.
    Wondering if the contrast is not too harsh and if it's not too heathazed/oversharpened

    if there are other issues i woulld like too know as well.

    Thanks in advance....
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  • Good evening.

    I would like prescreen on two images.

    I deleted this one from the queue.The contrast is the biggest issue here of course. There was a little sunlight here available and also some structure in the clouds. I want to know if its passable (borderline), but maybe its also too dark and if its workable if this version is not acceptable.

    Biggest question here if this one is too similar compared to this one.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards....
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