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  • You mean SEEMINGLY spontaneous- pretty sure the exploding batteries happen because of a fault, not truly spontaneous- similar to your paramedic experience, I’ve never seen a battery spontaneously (or seemingly spontaneously) catch fire.

    Plus, I think I’m more scared of something else causing the fire- a short circuit, a goose whacks the batteries…indeed these things didn’t act so great on 787s- and now we want 100,000? X storage and wattage....
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  • TeeVee:

    Don’t know where you’re going here. Two fatality crashes in the last year within 1 mile of my house on a rinky dink 45 MPH road with major fire. I’ve seen lots of crashes and fires in my lifetime and on the news. Would you like to see my awesome redneck utility trailer…F-250 had a fuel pump problem…So, you never saw a fire in your time as a paramedic…so maybe fires aren’t as frequent as we think, but bull crap if you are implying that they are rare. (And your word ‘spontaneous’ is a diversion…nothing ‘spontaneous’ in a crash…those have good ignition sources AND some likely vaporization).

    Footnote: The ARTICLE may be BS, but your “never saw a crash fire” is anecdotal and weak....
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  • Corn-ethanol for the 172s, Bonanzae and Ciri…

    Soybean oil for the turbines…
    (Diesel 172s fit here, also.)

    You’re welcome....
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  • Obviously Boeing IS at fault- a grossly-obsolete 737 lacking many Airbus computer protections…is it not?

    It is a very cool photo, AND pretty cool where it skirts around the tires.

    I am always amazed that this does almost nothing to airplanes or cars for that matter…just a zillion volts and at least a few amps…crazy hot, a good junk of magnetic and electric field activity…and you get a few flakes of cooked paint....
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