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Felipe Garcia
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  • Simple, an airline ticket entitles you to one thing, the carriage between point A and point B. That is literally the airline's business: the carriage of people and cargo between point A and point B. You get on the plane at point A, pop a xanax, wake up at point B, at this point the airline has fulfilled its end of the contract. The ticket does not include IFE, a butler who waves a palm tree over you for 30 mins so you don't get hot, nor bottomless mimosas. It is not an entrance to Oscar's Flying Restaurant and Tabern.

    If Qatar decides their business model is a premium service model, with unlimited Chivas 21, and hand fed Anctartic Bluefin Salmon Caviar with Breton crackers, that is their prerogative, and they are free to cater to that clientele. Their flight attendants are hired and trained to give a service level that is expected of the airline.

    If you book Qatar under that expectation and receive service that is on par with that of Allegiant, feel free...
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  • Funny that you mention it, because 14 CFR 121.391 Flight attendants mentions nothing about their non-safety roles, and 14 CFR 121.467 Flight attendant duty period limitations and rest requirements: Domestic, flag, and supplemental operations states under the definition of Flight attendant "... whose duties include but are not necessarily limited to cabin-safety-related responsibilities." So while they're not limited to being there for their safety, there is zero requirement to give stellar service. In fact, they could shake a diet coke before giving it to you and they wouldn't run afoul of regulations.

    No amount of training (short of firearms training) will prepare anyone to deal with entitled pricks who feel like buying the cheapest fare entitles them to behave like Ernest of Hanover and get praise for their performance. There have been instances of gross misconduct on the FA's part, and it's been recognized and solved. But these days the majority of folks...
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