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  • true you guys share which I already knew. the difference is jp does not share every single photo, its kinda like a public platform, its facing all the users/followers of your accounts .
    but still, people/photographers share links on their own accounts. Like what someone else said in Steve Rinde's case, Sharing links in/on photographers' accounts/social medias can ONLY show how popular the photographers are, not how good their photos are. JP is a public platform, not where someone exposures themselves.

    Again, I do not see anything wrong with JP sharping links, cause on FB/Twitter JP are officially posting/sharing. This is completely different from photographers sharing links to their own areas.
    If it still ok for you, I'll absolutely be sharing some of my future uploads (well at least photos I love) cause you allowed photographers to share their photos.

    Sounds ok?

    Im not bothering anyone....
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  • So you mean.. if it’s a good photo (as for the photographer), we are ok to share the link on the social medias to try to make the photo get to the JP front page?...
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  • Remember one more thing, Leige Yang was one of the guys who gave the shit to Steve’s action. Now, he is doing what Steve did. The only difference is, Steve used his followers, Yang used his money. The thing I learned was, Yang may not have that many followers, but he is rich for sure.

    In the future if I see him, can I just tell him hey Yang Ive clicked ur photos several times so give me money...

    im not bothering you Charlie....
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  • Hahahaha it’s funny. Just found out this guy also posts links to the moments ( kinda like Facebook). Not friends with him but somehow we are in several WeChat groups so I could view the latest 10 posts of his on wechat....
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  • New Airlines Need to Be Added

    Hi I submitted 2 requests for adding 2 new airlines almost 3 weeks ago but I haven't got the responses yet.

    Can any crew member add "GACE Flying Club" and "Atlantic Cost Helicopters" under "GA"?

    Screenshots from FAA web...
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