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  • New Airline to Database

    Hi, I don't know if this is where I am supposed post, but I was told by a screener after one of my hot photos got rejected to "Please request new airline be added via form on upload page."

    There is a new aircraft added to Key Lime Air which is part of Denver Air Connection (DAC), however the aircraft is in DAC colors. I know other aircraft have been uploaded to the JP servers and were tagged with DAC. When filling out the information in the upload procedures, DAC is listed as General Aviation rather than an Airline. Do I go ahead and tag the photo with DAC, even though it's not an airline yet in your database, or do I need to wait for the screeners to make changes for DAC to be an airline.

    The photo by the way is an ERJ-145LR fyi.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I imagine this is a subsidiary situation. Sort of like how Skywest flies planes in Delta, United, American, and Alaska colors, but the planes themselves aren't actually owned or operated by Delta, United, American, or Alaska. In this case the airline would be Denver Air Connection (Key Lime Air).


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      Awesome! Thanks for the help Michael! I will try uploading it by tagging the aircraft with DAC.