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  • powerback

    Hi everyone,
    my question is: when an aircraft is ready to taxi, just before to leave the gate, is the powerback procedure allowed or the normal pushback maneuver has to be used?

    Thank you.

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    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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      As far as I know, powerbacks aren't used anymore if rarely at all. I remember AA doing it at DFW quite often some years ago and it was pretty cool to be in a plane doing it. It was also really cool waiting for pushback and looking over to see another MD-80's buckets come open and watch them be on their way beginning with a powerback.
      But yeah, I don't think they're done anymore as far as I know. Hope this answers your question.


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        We are not allowed to do powerbacks. I don't know where they are still allowed, but I haven't seen one with a jet here in Germany. With props it is done from time to time IIRC.

        But I'd like to try it once: Powerback with the MD11F



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          Last time I've seen one was in Bolivia, 2006. Even in Russia they don't do it anymore


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            Most of the time its a FOD issue why they don't do it, especially with wing mounted engined aircraft.

            Usually the normal for pushbacks were tail mounted engined aircraft, IE 727, DC-9's/MD-8X etc...
            -Not an Airbus or Boeing guy here.
            -20 year veteran on the USN Lockheed P-3 Orion.


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              Apart from FOD issues (with wing mounted engines, as was previously discussed) and accompanying safety issues to ground personelle (limited, in the real scope of things) the procedure is very very fuel exhaustive. In the past, where that was not as much of an issue, the practice was common. I, too, remember hopping onto MD-80s leaving DFW and hearing the engines roar as we powered back. It was always very cool, as it was unusual.
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