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  • Hi,

    The profile map is connected to the airport markers on FR24, if the airport is not marked on FR24 then it will not appear on the profile map you refer to. So basically only the major airports will come up on the maps and not all smaller,regional airports

    Hope this helps....
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  • Canon 90D + 100-400mm Mk.1

    Good evening all,

    essentially I’m reaching out to any owners of the 90D, more specifically with the canon 100-400mm Mk1 lens. Having come from the 80D I find the photo results incredibly soft and rather underwhelming with the hype that was generated from the 90D. I’ve had to go back to the 80D for the big lens and settled on using the 18-135mm lens on the 90D which is not the end of the world at all, but slightly disappointed such a lens is not even getting results similar to it’s predecessor.

    I’m curious if any other owners of the 90D have had similar softness issues, I’ve done a bit of searching across the internet in general, but mostly forums are filled with wildlife photographers so I’m asking here to gauge any opinions from purely aircraft photographers

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  • Hello.

    Yes you need to crop a lot closer to the aircraft. If you look on the website you will see photos showing the whole aircraft with less "dead space" - see here: the photo is cropped very close to the aircraft.

    You need to also increase the contrast a little, if you look at the histogram button you will see you have quite a lot of missing light that should be editable.
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