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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for dlowwa
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Kai Tak.

    Kai Tak.

    Hm. .
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  • Wow. And I thought that I am gettin a little bit older than the other so called jetphotos "seniors", .. because I am two weeks older than Alex, since the beginning of March 2023.

    But since today, I know who is the chief of all so called jetphotos "seniors", and who indeed is the younger brother of Mr Robert de Niro. That's you!

    November 1942 is worldwide famous, if you ask me. And November also here in my family is a good month, I also have a younger brother.

    Yes. But a) for these words we need to be 45 (or what would Alex think about that) and then, b) funny enough, it is a movement which if you ask me here on this platform until now is only described by people who not necessarily own simplyfied Chinese or a language like that.

    From Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok ('the island').

    Btw, how far away from the topic are we, right in this moment. But I don't care, when I can virtually sit next to a man...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to The Boeing 747.
    And I thought, that worldwide famous classic livery, valid with the bird on our tailfins, could be dead. Not if you have an active Chief Flight Captain in the Airbus A320 as your CEO,
    who obviously also must be a 747 lover. Thank You Captain Spohr, for this jetphoto.

    The Victor Whiskey (named 'Wolfsburg', due to not quite nebulous reasons) climbs out of Seattle WA on her way to Rhein/Main, in August 2022 . LH #491, if we believe the photographer.

    At once, I should ask Randazzo if he also knows this beautiful machine, una bella macchina, in these new colors, with this a/c registration.

    New jetphotos members now might wonder, new colors, why new, has there ever been anything else. You can ask Randazzo or me, the answer is yes, but who still knows that. ...
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  • Gabe, are you kidding me? [dt. nach 22 Uhr: Du versuchst nicht gerade mich zu verarschen?]

    This night still is long enough, especially after all what I saw earlier that night, but that's only one story about deviation, and your story about deviation could be the next.
    To all writers here in this topic, you're all invited to my 'stories about deviation' topic.

    And thanx to Not_Karl for his +1 in my 747 topic, but I have to admit, not one photo in that rather trending topic was made by myself.

    This night still is long enough to make a list of all airports that I've ever mentioned here on this beautiful platform, or, also, that I had under my fingers with Scruffy Ducks Airport Design Editor (ADE)

    between Lohausen International, Los Rodeos Tenerife Norte,

    and Austin.

    No idea why you mention Austin. But I could imagine, when I finish my ADE version of Austin, based on aerial images, then it might look quite...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-03-11, 03:27. Reason: Who can you ask for a 2022 version of Los Rodeos.

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Stories about Deviation

    Stories about Deviation

    Part one of.. probably 100 .

    What happens when your flight gets redirected. My story is quite fresh, it happened Friday March 10 2023.

    Two Friday departures which originally had been scheduled here on my home airport have been redirected upon pilot request.
    Reason: All four pilots (for two jets) obviously were convinced that the weather at EDDK is so very much better than here at Lohausen Intl.

    Until now I still don't know who gave them such completely nonsense as a basis for a decision, but if you ask me, 100% sure nobody here at Lohausen International.

    Here at EDDL we are proud to be open, if with snow, with wind, with rain, with darkness or with a combination of all.
    And this Friday evening I saw it with my own eyes that we are open: the EK from Dubai landed without major problems, and at least one EW flight started, with wind, with snow,
    and with darkness.

    Two XQ flights (identified as Sunexpress) didn't...
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  • Sorry to interrupt you once again, but it is really the threadstarters fault, he began with February 1965 and the first flight of the DC-9. Again, music. One song which I'm after since almost half a year, and the good thing is, once that I start lookin for the mean earworm, I'm finding it, not only sometimes but even in 99,99 % of all cases.
    Here another one, picked out of the internet only a few minutes ago, and the history behind it is also very sweet.

    In 1947, he moved to Harlem, New York. And not 20 years later, he became famous with a song about his new home town.
    Category Golden Evergreens (50 years or more), Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem (1960) . Here in Germany not on the radio since 20 years, at least that's what I feel.
    But probably on German radio in the year when I was born.

    Back on topic.
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  • Hm. If Alex had asked me who writes rather epic forum entries (rather 1 entry where other members might need 10) without setting paragraphs (dt.: Absatz im Fließtext), I almost had responded,
    either me or Gabriel.

    Obviously you're also able to tell stories. But at least one or three paragraphs might have made it easier to read.

    55 years, and you mean it for one single a/c, not for the whole a/c type history, right?

    If you ask me, the Douglas DC-9 history has started earlier, more than 55 years ago.

    First Douglas DC-9 flight: February 1965 (more than 58 years ago).

    Well. That's a good question.

    Who on Earth owns the Boeing 747 with the longest history for one single aircraft?

    And even within that question we can make a difference: a) still in the air in the year 2023 b) not in the air since the year x .

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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Alex - Spot-This !
    Ah. The answer is, click on the number of likes, and then you can see who likes your forum entry.

    In my case and in case of 'The Boeing 747' topic, it seems to be 'Not Karl' .

    So, Excuse moi for interrupting, and again dear greetings.
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Alex - Spot-This !
    Hello young man..

    I just wondered if I can somehow see why my 'The Boeing 747' topic has earned '+1' at the "Like" option.

    Theoretically I should be able to see who gave me a +1 Like. But where can I see that?

    PS: I swear, it wasn't me (!). Which theoretically also seems to be possible.... ... (?!)

    Very dear greeetings from an old man
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic The Beech B200

    The Beech B200

    People in Berlin might hate me now, and I can almost feel it although NOBODY has responded here to my Berlin forum entry, but Neu Schönefeld is
    a) not in Berlin
    b) not the place which I prefer with my Beech B200. So, I reopened the Gatow airfield with its full size, with 2 x 1800 m , at least for my p3dv4.5 .

    Or which airfield would you prefer in Berlin, today, with a Beech B200?

    [Deleted by the author].

    As in the famous TV quiz show, your time is not unlimited to answer the quiz question. I'll set up a new question if you like....
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  • Hm. Gabriel and me are definitely old enough to know what you're talkin about. But I just wonder how old that ATR-72 Flight Captain was.

    One thing is definitely for sure, we no longer live in the 1970s or 1980s, where TV stations probably tried to protect your children from strong pictures.

    So, nowadays, if you're a responsible family man, it is your task. Thus, the Yeti Airlines article contains a quite strong picture, careful if you are together with children younger than 12 .

    Back to the Kai Tak rwy 13. You are old enough to know the Best Airport On This Planet (BAOTP)?

    Closed 1998 afaik, and I believe you without lookin it up, if they had a 13, then it was something like VHHH 13/31 with .. 3100 m (10,171 ft) ,
    and only the 13 was good for a LH-B744 t/o,
    because on the 31 (all that still without lookin...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-03-02, 03:31. Reason: 44 years, ATR 72 F/O, female, and dead now.

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  • For people who don't necessarily operate the French language in their signature, we should probably explain the most important words within a Cessna 152 or within a Boeing B744:
    rudder (dt. Seitenruder) >> The pedals at your feet, in a Cessna or in a B744. For use only with care and when ct has published the weather for you on final.
    aileron (dt. Querruder) >> The difference between a Cessna and an A320. Stick or not, this is the question.
    elevator (dt. Höhenruder) >> Ask Flight Captain Sullenberger, with this stick you can be a hero, or dead on impact (cp AF-A332).

    And what now is the thing that Evan shouldn't know?

    Dear greetings my friend....
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  • LH-B744
    replied to The Boeing 747.
    Well. How many (historic) 747 photos fit into one forum topic? I still have Brians words in my mind who .... 2 or 12 years ago told me, not necessarily more than 5 photos
    in 1 forum post. But computers get better and better, and if you ask me, my computer was good for up to let say 5 photos within one forum topic already ten years ago.
    So, as I know that I do not operate the slowest computer on earth, if you experience difficulties with this forum topic, it doesn't open very fast, or it doesn't open at all,
    leave a message for Alex or for Brian, or for me,
    and I'll reduce the amount of data within this topic.

    While I am lookin for one European airline who also once was famous for the Boeing 747, I came across one jetphoto which after... almost 50 years (!) finally was uploaded here to our
    database. The airport today and back then is Fiumicino,
    and with the keywords '747' and 'Fiumicino' our database didn't really give me what I was originally...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to The Boeing 747.
    Well. There are things on this planet which I normally don't do. I normally don't (re)publish photos without naming the Original photographer or without the Original source.

    But with the following photo I feel one problem. I have never been an Instagram member, because long before insta was invented (2010), I was already a jetphotos member.
    So, in this special case it must be allowed that I import one very very brilliant photo from instagram.

    The Original photographer is behind the weblink that I mentioned here in this topic
    in my entry #2.

    So, you brilliant photographer at instagram, feel invited here to jetphotos so that I can congratulate you for this very very brilliant photo of a Boeing 747.

    Can you say the year of this very brilliant photo? If you ask me, it is a B741, so, 1979?

    What a photo! ...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to The Boeing 747.
    If you like, I can begin with stories, photos, and much much more.. This is what the manufacturer himself previously published, now the Original weblink:

    Now, today I seem to learn again one or two things. What I knew so far, the 747 was flown by Delta, by United, by NorthWestAir, ............. ....

    What I didn't know so far (!), she was also owned by American Airlines, obviously. Now, I don't like to present you a very nice historic photo without the history behind it.
    American Airlines fleet history,

    Boeing 747-100 since 1970, Boeing 747-200 since 1984, Boeing 747SP since 1986. The last AA-B747 (type 747SP) left the AA fleet in 1994.

    But with the LH bird on the tailfin, she's still in the air, after 52 years. And this jetphoto, amongst alot of other dear forum members, is the reason why I am here:
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-03-01, 22:40. Reason: LH-B742 D-ABYS at Melbourne Tullamarine 1979 .

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic The Boeing 747.

    The Boeing 747.

    Well. It seems as if this topic has waited for me. On German TV somebody said, that from this moment on, nobody on this planet will ever be able
    to buy a brandnew Boeing 747. Because in Seattle, they stopped to build 747s.
    And afaik, that worldwide was the one and only place where 747s had been built, since 1969.

    This is what the manufacturer himself publishes today:

    So. Feel free to share links, jetphotos (linked to the database or not yet published) stories and history about the Boeing 747 with me.

    Lufthansa was and still is part of the Boeing 747 history, since 1970. Since more than 52 years.
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