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  • This wouldn't be jetphotos if the SABE airport were not in the database.

    This one really seems brandnew, although at that location I'd say always has been an airport. Since 1947:

    And this is the topic which during the past year was not so very popular, the Boeing 737. And even down there in Argentina they suffered from that topic? Damn.

    But somebody was so keen and said, we need the 737-700 and the 737-800, we don't sell them.
    Obviously a good move, otherwise this new jetphoto were not in the database:

    Aerolineas Argentinas, est. 1949 . Well. I was not really present when the airline was founded, but from somewhere I know that airline. Let me have a look again into the database,
    AR-B744, .... .. Yes, back then in 2012.

    Or much much much much earlier, a...
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  • Impressive is a word which I accept. And let's find the harmless or rather funny side in this topic. Here on my home airport it's Tuesday already. Saturday and Sunday I did not move far away from where I sit now, in front of my computer, due to rather nasty weather, +3°C or 37.4°F for our friends in overseas, with snowfall from time to time.
    So I watch the birds who are flyin here, and I don't mean the a/c type 747. Doves. Do you have an Alexa or something like that who is able to translate? If not, I can also do that, but first of all it comes to my mind in German. Tauben sind wirklich manchmal zu dumm zum geradeaus gucken. Und scheppern dann gegen mein Fenster.

    Now in English. Doves are sometimes not intelligent enough to avoid obstacles. And then they try to compete with my window. But in 100% of all cases they lose the competition, and in 50% of all cases the result is a dead dove.

    Now my question for tonight. Are drone pilots more intelligent than doves?...
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  • So. You use both x-plane 11.50 and msfs 2020? How keen you are. I don't know how young you are, but I am so young that I know a computer game which was called
    'Commander Keen' . Published in Germany in December anno 1990 .

    I plan to do the same as you do !! I really have spent too much € so that I could leave my fsx alone.

    Thus, this is what I plan to do. I'll stay with fsx, which after all those years still works like a charm here on my machine.

    Randazzo's LH-B744 fsx simulator. I can't imagine something better, not even with msfs 2020!!

    And when I perceive that my machine is good enough for msfs 2020, then I'll buy it. Fsx and msfs 2020 parallel, running with one and the same cpu.

    The only thing is, probably two different hdd's . Because I have read that for msfs 2020 you can easily run a second hdd, with 250 GB or rather 500 GB (!) .

    Do you also run two hdd's for your two simulator platforms?...
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  • LOL!

    And I also feel honored. I really don't know so many men who are as old as me, plus who share my earliest and longest hobby - aviation, and who in German I say "Du" to. I say you to you.

    For people who do not know the extremely complicated German language it is extremely difficult to explain the difference between the "Du" and the "Sie".

    You might ask Seahawk. He shares his home airport with me. And afaik, there are less than 10 years between him and me, but until today he still does not like that I call him by his forename.
    But I am here long enough, I have accepted him.

    PS: What I see in entry #68 here in this topic, rather atl and Evan spend time when they debate stuff, don't they. So, who is the discussion maker here in the cockpit? I'd say, rather not ATL. And that's why I like him. I like men who rather fly than debate.

    "First fly and stay up in the air, second...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; Yesterday, 21:10. Reason: Hemingway.

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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for kent olsen
    Hello again.

    You see, if someone has the trust in you, you can really make it, from a rather ordinary Junior member to a decent jetphotos member.
    But the next step, to the Senior member, is not really near, I can tell you ...

    During the past 12 years someone tried to calculate and he said that I am not good for more than 125 entries during one year.

    Alex, this is not top secret or is it? [Another Senior member]

    If you do not write more entries per year than me, you need almost 10 years to become a jetphotos Senior member... Now the rest is up to you, use a calculator if needed...

    Pacific Ocean, US West Coast? Yes.
    That's where I am not all too often with Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator, especially not south of Seattle WA and north of the Frisco Bay...

    But I definitely promise improvement, on the West Coast!

    Here on this platform by far you are not alone on the Pacific Coast!
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for 3WE
    Sorry, I only very rarely try to disturb friends when they are not online. I swear, this monday only once more.

    Just now when I'm writing these words above there is an illuminated sign:

    So, it seems to be that I have already asked you so that I can be your subscriber.

    I have again visited Carol's profile, and there,
    the same knob says
    "Pending" .

    So, it seems as if I have asked her so that I can be her very first jetphotos subscriber, but she has not yet answered.

    Welcome to the world of jetphotos. Isn't it thrilling!

    PS: Tonight, I almost feel like in the cockpit of Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator..! Illuminated knobs overhead, which tell you, just wait a second, apu running, but that is not enough, you'll also have to close the circuit before you use the cut/off switches for eng 1 to 4 ...
    Wait a second before the circuit of subscribers is closed....
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for 3WE
    Hey my friend.

    We all know that the forum has changed ALOT since the past 12 years. So, it just has happened, that another person requested my clearence because she (!) likes to be my subscriber. And I cleared her request.

    Probably I should introduce her to the three of us. It is Carol, from Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, near CYVR Intl airport.

    But like in the real world, always 2 people are important. So, how do I ask her to be my subscriber, no, that has just happened.

    How can I be her subscriber, and afaik, her very first jetphotos subscriber!

    She is still a jetphotos Junior member, although, the avatar which she carries with her rather seems like an ole lady..
    But to be my friend you are never too old, that was what I said when we became subscribers of each other, did I .

    Very dear greetings!!
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    Last edited by LH-B744; Yesterday, 19:21. Reason: You are never too young to be my friend.

  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for CarolW
    Hey Canada girl, where are you tonight?

    I have to tell you something.
    Oh god. You are the Vancouver girl. Vancouver Island. Yes. What a perfect destination for a LH-B744. And you are here at jetphotos long enough, you probably know where in Canada the LH-B744 always appears:

    Very dear greetings to the Canadian West Coast! I must admit, I am not here every week especially not during the holidays which here at Lohausen International airport have only ended.. not quite 22 hours ago.

    And, btw, you are the very first woman among my subscribers. So, welcome to the world of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 !
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  • Sometimes when really worldwide famous people appear in the news I wonder what happens when they get up on a lazy sunday morning. The wife appears in your bedroom.
    Prince Philip Mountbatten, would you soon have the honour to get up. (auf Deutsch natürlich mit "würden Sie die Ehre haben").

    No. Yesterday, on sunday, he didn't have again the honor to get up. Not again, after 99 years on this planet. Which is an honor, and a prototype, probably not only for me, but also for his wife.
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  • Hm. If I could I probably liked to change the name of that topic into "World famous people you like to meet on board a 747" .

    But now it is like it is. Even before the movie "A fish called Wanda" appeared in movie theatres in Germany, and afaik that was the year 1988, I really was a fan of the B747.

    By then, 33 years ago, I began to realize that not only the Lufthansa owns the B747. Back to the movie, back to Heathrow. Back to the BA-B742 Landor. Oh man, I really begin to become old. Or who else here in this forum still knows how a BA-B742 British Landor looks like. Well, this wouldn't be jetphotos, if that beautiful bird weren't in the database:

    The British Landor X-Ray Juliet.

    And now, let's imagine a man who had celebrated his 67th birthday, back then in 1988. He died last Friday, at the very brilliant age of 99.

    HRH Prince Philip, Duke of...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; Yesterday, 17:35. Reason: What is the better celebration, a funeral or a birthday.

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  • Hm. First of all, welcome to the world of jetphotos.

    The jetphotos server received your message here in this topic last Friday, April 9th . So it might be and that's what I assume, that alot of jetphotos senior members still are on holidays. Switzerland, I dont' know.
    But here on my home airport, Lohausen International airport, the holidays have only ended... not quite 19 hours ago.

    Back on topic. So, you have received emails here from this server, but suddenly you were no longer able.

    I'd assume that has nothing to do with your email address. Because I know people who also use that mail provider, and I have not yet heard of problems, not since more than 12 years..

    And let me give you a sort of a friendly advice. You are - and I sometimes forget about something but - the very first Junior jetphotos member, who has his email address as his nickname.
    You might wanna change that, and you should, if you ask me.

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  • But you will never be able to answer questions. How old are you. You are rather like a 12 year old son who tells me, look at me dad, I can ride a bicycle.

    Well done, my son.

    But in contrast to your 100 hp Cessna, for a jet you must be a teamplayer. I just wanted to ask you, are you a teamplayer. But that question is redundant. Every time when we meet here on this platform you show that you are the opposite of a teamplayer.

    If I had to choose a team for the B744 cockpit, that were Gabriel, Evan, 3WE, and atlcrew....
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  • I don't know if that has to do with the movie "Jackie Brown" by Quentin Tarantino. But in this movie, Pamela Grier in her role says, and until today I only know the German TV version:
    [the question by Robert Forster, who played her parole officer, was something like that]
    'Sie wissen aber schon das jemand zwischenzeitlich den CD Spieler erfunden hat?'

    Her answer: 'Ja schon, aber ich kaufe mir nicht so oft neue Musik.' -- and she starts the music on her xx year old vinyl record player.

    So, who do you like to meet on board a LH-B744?

    Bruce Springsteen (*23.09.1949) . I know that all the LH-B744 already stand by to again cross the pond. We only need 300 people, so that EWR - FRA does not seem ridiculously empty.

    Hungry Heart (1980). I do not buy new music that often.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-03-30, 01:55. Reason: Plattenspieler.

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  • Wow. Now I know that you are less than 4 years younger than my father was. He would have been 76 by March 27th, if he were still alive.

    And at once a British man comes to my mind who regularly appears on German TV. He collects panzer, but not scale 1:100, but 1:1, the real big machines. Give me 48 hours and I'll find out his name. In the meanwhile, .. we all urgently need a hobby, don't we. In these insane times...

    German words are not really hated in GB, that's what I feel. Autobahn, Panzer, Schlittenfahrt, ...

    My hobbies? Plane spotter at EDDL since more than 35 years. And, a little computer specialist, which includes Flight Captain Randazzo and the simulator section of this very brilliant platform.

    There is one fact since more than 12 years which bothers me a little. I have never consciously met one jetphotos member, never during all those years. It might have happened by chance, because I really often visit my home airport....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-03-30, 01:19. Reason: Happy Birthday!

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  • LH-B744
    replied to New runway SABE / AEP
    You think that somebody steered a drone through the glide slope of SABE Palermo airport?

    Well, my first thought was, Palermo? Eh, I should be able to tell you something about Palermo airport. But then, I perceived who was the threadstarter.

    Buenos Aires-Palermo. With a clearly shorter runway than what I know as Palermo Punta Raisi, 3300 m.

    Nevertheless, I hope that you had closed Buenos Aires-Palermo when the drone was on her way!

    And now I could try to open thad video.

    PS: Buenos Aires Ezeiza is one of the LH-B744 destinations which I have to see in the simulator. Must be a great town....
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  • Back at Dulles International airport (fsx) again. I have new material. The seasons have changed. And if you ask me, even in winter this is a very good airport.

    But what this International airport really is good for, you see if you take pictures in spring. Back at KIAD, from KOXB near the Atlantic Ocean, a/c type BE58 (Beech Baron 58_):

    KIAD fsx continued 02 . I could make a quiz out of that picture. Which runway might that be. Normally, I'm quite impatient. But today I like to leave this as a real question.

    KIAD fsx continued 03. This is what I mean. Someone has really tried hard so that these trees look like spring.
    A real recommendation if you need KIAD for fsx!...
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  • As most of the so called jetphotos "Junior Members", I'd also encourage you to keep it coming. And I like to congratulate the both of us. We definitely have survived year 1 of the worldwide illness. And if you ask me personally, I don't need another year of this shit, or what do you think?

    Fact is, that worldwide illness begins to alter the face of well known towns. Oberhausen/Rhld. once had a McDonalds fast food restaurant at their railway main station (Hauptbahnhof). Since we all (really all?!) sit at home for a whole week without leaving the house, this restaurant is permanently closed. Only one example.

    Back on topic. Winter Escape on the Carribean Islands.

    Nice topic, I'll come back here soon. But my last simulator flight (fsx) was,
    from KOXB Ocean City to KIAD Dulles International, with a Beech Baron 58. An a/c type which in fs2020 you have to pay extra for, I still don't understand microsoft. The (less than a) beginner version...
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  • Well. You are longer here on this platform than me. And the two of us are longer here on this platform than Bob.

    What I'm just wondering about, after all those years you still have ??? when you read what he writes?

    Really, very dear greetings from one "Senior" to the other "Senior".

    PS: How old is such a typical jetphotos Senior?...
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  • Jesus. I've just opened the avherald as I've done that so many times before. But pardon me, that avherald entry this time really seems like a Gabriel forum entry, i.e. you need exactly 40 minutes to read it.
    What I've read so far, it happened on an A320-200 between Eindhoven (!) and Sofia. Now, Eindhoven is a town which is 65 nautical miles (or 121 km) away from my home airport. I'd assume that most people in Eindhoven use Schiphol.
    But what I don't know, or better, I simply don't wanna look that up right now, is the distance between Eindhoven and Schiphol. Is Eindhoven nearer to Lohausen Intl, or to Schiphol?

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  • And I could swear that sooner or later this year I will see how one of our best "Junior" members will lose the - in that case - rather ridiculous "Junior" title. The border between a Junior and a decent Jetphotos member has always been the same during all those years, as I assume.

    Back on topic. A sweet little story from Portland, which must've been something like a home airport for Evergreen. I just wonder if something like that has ever happened here on my home airport.
    Let's imagine the story. Lohausen airport is home for Lufthansa aircraft since at least 1955. So, imagine, a LH-B744, diverted from FRA to DUS due to bad weather has to be de-iced to get back to Rhein/Main.
    You can call me an optimist, but I'd say even before the EDDL tower announces a LH-B744, all people here on the ground stand by, without request: Cleaning truck, food & beverages, de-icing and also at least one man from the engines maintenance department who observers...
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