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  • This topic is not about your big dick knowledge base called Google. This topic in my eyes is about two MD-87 pilots who - what some men in this forum can't really imagine -
    managed not only to save their own lifes (!) ...

    Egoists always survive. But most of the time they only fly Cargo jets!

    PS: Sorry, Evan. We all know who I mean by Cargo jet pilot. But we both also know who is the Original, December 2008 vs June 2009...
    Bald ist ja wirklich Weihnachten!

    Due to that fact, since Nov 24 2021 (yesterday) I already end all of my written texts who I send to friends with the words
    Mit freundlichen vorweihnachtlichen Grüßen
    plus a Santa Claus animated *.gif smiley, who is really missing here in this forum (!) ...

    .. Ahm. The only mistake in this picture is, Santa Claus normally uses a Boeing 747 (!) ....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-11-25, 06:42. Reason: This average Florida 747 Cargo Bob ...

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  • Hm. There always are people who still are not old enough to know that they always appear as an asshole, even if twice as old as me....
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  • Your favorite airports near the Pacific Ocean

    Well. It began with Tappen, British Columbia. Which is the home of Michael 'Mike' Hall, a - let me have a rough guess - 43 year old Rastafari rocker with 1978 sunglasses.

    And why do I know him, approx 6000 nautical miles away from his home. TV makes it possible. He appears every Tuesday here in Germany on Dmax,

    with Rust Valley Restorers Canada .

    I don't know yet which is his home airport, but Vancouver can't be that far away, at least less than 6000 nautical miles.

    So. Our favorite airports near the Pacific Ocean? If you ask me, then there is always only 1 answer. Look at my avatar. A LH-B744 with reverse thrust active ... @ KSFO .

    But since I have seen at least 2 jetphotos members who sometimes are sad because the coast of the Pacific Ocean is not so often mentioned here, I like to correct this bad behaviour.

    My choice:
    1. KSFO. The SF bay, Frisco . My WestCoast #1 since the year 2008 .
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-11-25, 04:27. Reason: Ford is a licensed pilot.

  • LH-B744
    started a topic Nairobi for XP11

    Nairobi for XP11

    Guten Abend.

    Well. I just come from the aerosoft Forum, precisely the "New releases and updates" section. There one of their administrators, Mr Heinz Pflichtbeil, who shares his first name with my father,
    announces the Jomo Kenyatta International airport of Nairobi (ICAO: HKJK) for the X-Plane 11 platform.

    And I should be allowed to quote another one of their administrators, Mr Kok, who said something like, 'you can be sure that we still love p3d' .

    So, Jomo Kenyatta also for p3dv4.5 ? That's what I'd be interested in.

    Mit freundlichen vorweihnachtlichen Grüßen
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  • Hm. I always like weblinks who are provided by avherald, or The New York Times, or something which is as good as The New York Times .

    As this case seems to have happened one or two nautical miles away from NYC, we should probably ask a newspaper which is a little bit closer to Houston TX . My only problem is, I've never been to Houston TX .
    So, on a first attempt, I really found another source from NYC:

    A McDonnell Douglas MD-87. First flight October 1979. First of all, it was hard for me to believe that an a/c type who really is ten years older than my avatar (B744 inauguration February 1989)
    appears in a topic
    which has been started in October of the year 2021.

    As the MD-87 was produced until 1999, I don't have a doubt that this jet could have been perfectly maintained. As far as I know, our LH B747s have an expected lifetime of...
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  • I really have to publish again a few numbers...

    EDDL (2020) -- 6.6 million pax (not published everywhere, only for EDDL insiders)
    EDDL (2019) -- 25.49 million pax, at a pax capacity of 24 million pax at EDDL .

    So, .. OMDB experienced minus 70 % between 2019 and 2020 .

    And my home airport in 2020 saw only 25.89 % of all pax who we saw in 2019, so.. minus 74.11 % for EDDL in 2020.
    [percentage for EDDL calculated by LH-B744, no guarantee]

    And Atlanta, and O'Hare? Well, here at Lohausen we provide this service.

    KATL (2020) -- 42.82 million pax during the crisis. That's not bad, in absolute numbers. But as a percentage compared to 2019?
    KORD (2020) -- 30.86 million pax .

    This update is for free, you don't have to pay me for that..
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  • I do not regularly fly to Dubai. To be honest, I've never been to Dubai in my whole life. But here I sit on the other side of the line,
    i.e. here at Lohausen International, we regularly welcome passengers for the EK #056 flight, from EDDL to OMDB .

    Btw... Thank God, all the airports come back to life.

    This flight number will be operated tomorrow with an a/c type which is no longer part of each and every airline in Germany. The DUS schedule says, this flight will be operated with
    EK-Airbus A380-800 . And wikipedia confirms that, EK still owns the A380-800.

    In contrast to my favorite airline. So, if you like to see the A388, visit us here at Lohausen International.

    PS: Traffic numbers for the year 2021, that's what you're lookin for? A little bit early, aren't you.
    I again ask en wikipedia:
    OMDB (2020) -- 23.9 million pax (minus 70%)
    EHAM (2020) -- 20.9 million pax (not published, but if you ask me,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-11-18, 01:13. Reason: Traffic numbers during the crisis.

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