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  • LH-B744
    replied to Falcon 10X
    The one million dollar question then would be,

    the rather cute Dassault Falcon 10X business jet with less than 34 meters in length,

    is that rather Gabriels and mine type of a rather analogue type of aircraft, which, e.g. the LH-B744, you can also fly
    when ALL computers in the cockpit are switched off. In German we say 'popometer' for this analoge kind of flying, and I really really love it.

    Or is such a Falcon 10X rather a flying computer, cp the A320. Where your task as an A320 Flight Captain could be,
    to manually override the Alpha protection system,
    because that system simply does not know how high or how low you fly (!!).
    One case where that incompatibility between an A320 Flight Captain and his flying computer ended with dead humans is this one:

    With his two seeing eyes, that Flight Captain steered his A320 into a forest. 3 passengers died,...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to Falcon 10X
    Hm. Someone has warned me, that between Gabriel and Evan most of the time a very hefty discussion takes place. Was that you with that warning, 3WE?

    A computer is always only as intelligent as the human being who uses it.
    That's not higher philosophy, that's a sentence which you can quote me for. Or my father, who said something like that back then in 1985.

    Only after Evans #32 here in this topic, I'd say,
    Gabriel is rather the analogue type of pilot, cp 737 and 747,
    Evan likes his bots, he likes it when robots do what he told them to do.

    But in case of Cactus #1549, I assume that Evan somehow has a misunderstanding. I saw Sully the movie in the cinema, and after that I saw it again at least five to seven times, both, in the German and in the English language version. Mr Tom Hanks with his Original voice. A real happening.

    Plus, I was present here in this forum when Cactus #1549 happened.

    The misunderstanding...
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Alex - Spot-This !
    Huhu. Tonight I think we can stay on the official forum language, which is English, of course. But at least for you, that sometimes must be boring, as I assume. Switzerland, the home of the language artists, Deutsch, Italiano, Francais,
    and English. That's why I admire Vladimir Petkovic (*1963) so very much, who is able to curse you in at least 4 languages,
    Serbo-Croatian, German, Italian and French.
    English does not seem so very common in Switzerland, da sind wir ja froh das wir nicht aufs Italienische ausweichen müssen.

    I am here again for a rather inofficial, only half official question.

    Who do you think is younger, Erwin or Seahawk?
    I wouldn't ask you if I knew the answer.
    But Erwin in my eyes definitely is younger in mind! What he recently said, we can't always ban members who do not obey
    Adolph Knigge (1788_)
    during every second in their life. That almost made me think that Erwin is not much older than you...
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for dlowwa
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for KampfHase
    That is a really really cute nickname, ...

    I have one quite private question which you don't have to answer. Are you a girl?
    Because if you were, I'd see you with completely different eyes.

    A jetphotos member since 2012, so since half an eternity. But sometimes people only meet online in a forum after half an eternity.

    Your topic, amongst other, is 'Airports in Italy'?

    And your location is EDDM?
    Call me an idiot, but why haven't I seen you in our beloved forum much much MUCH earlier?

    You must definitely come back to our forum very soon.

    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for dlowwa
    Let me mention one thing which bothers me everytime when I have to read you.

    All of your 17429 forum entries until today only are within exactly 1 (one) forum section (!).

    Digital Photo Processing Forum.

    Now, call me an idiot, but I don't know that much about Digital Photo Processing.

    But how much do you know about all the other Forum sections?
    Which of there are alot.

    And how good then is your credibility, when you tell me to stay on topic?!

    So, if you only look for somebody to argue with, then let's continue.
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for dlowwa
    Hello my dear friend!

    I am sure that you can shortly explain to me what I can do if jetphotos members have switched off the possibility to receive
    visitor messages.

    If you can't explain that,
    don't feel bothered. Nobody is perfect!!
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  • Ahm. I just performed a fsx live test. When my o/s is running, and I am online here on jetphotos (!), I need exactly
    40 seconds
    to have the fsx menu (German version) on my screen:
    'Aktuelles Luftfahrzeug'
    and so on.

    That's cool, isn't it.
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  • 1080p? Yes, that's what you and me with our very normal home computers should be able to achieve. But that's not what msfs 2020 has been made for.

    You know that I run Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator (fsx) with 1080p?

    I again and again have to quote the test center chief of my favorite game magazine, which is the German 'Gamestar' (gamestar dot de).
    After he published his cpu, which is a

    Intel i9-9900K ,

    he stated the following, while the tried to start msfs2020, with 4k resolution:
    'Lange Ladezeiten: Dass man beim Starten des Flight Simulators Geduld aufbringen muss, ist uns schon in der Preview-Version aufgefallen und gilt auch für die Review-Version. Der Spielstart kann über zwei Minuten dauern, das Laden der Spielwelt danach nochmal über eine Minute und mehr .'

    Let's remember, that's the gamestar test chief, word by word, on his Intel i9-9900K. In English. Translated by me.

    'The msfs 2020 takes quite...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-14, 00:13. Reason: 4 to 5 minutes to start msfs 2020? Really?! That sounds ridiculous.

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  • LH-B744
    replied to Falcon 10X
    Baby, can't you just leave the room?!...
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  • LH-B744
    replied to Falcon 10X
    First of all, the name 'Falcon' rings a bell in my head. That's why always a weblink is helpful when you start such a topic.

    Well. I am old enough, I have found a weblink for the topic that you started. But it is a German source. That always happens when I try to find weblinks here in Germany.
    Most of them are in German. But I can translate. Let's see how far we can come. Here is the weblink:

    Ahm. Ok, a beautiful aircraft. But that's not what rang the bell in my head. Now, we can see how important weblinks are. This one really rang a bell in my head:

    I must say, Thank You, Kent. Today I have learned that (at least) two jet families wear the name 'Falcon':
    1. The Dassault Falcon Business jet

    and, what I always have in mind,

    2. The F-16 Fighting Falcon, inaugurated February 1974:
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-13, 22:48. Reason: The range is not bad. But imho too small for EDDL.

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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Alex - Spot-This !
    Good night. Or the both of us should better say
    Guten Abend!

    Wieso verpasse ich diesen Tag eigentlich immer. Juli hatte ich immer angenommen, was ja falsch ist. Fast schon ärgerlich. Jetzt bin ich wieder Wochen zu spät.

    Dabei wollte ich einfach nur fragen, nun, wie fühlt man sich mit 43?

    Ich hätte jetzt spontan behauptet, genauso wie 4 Wochen zuvor. Oder?

    Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag!

    Mir hat ja hier auf der Plattform noch nie jemand offiziell zum Geburtstag gratuliert. Das liegt aber auch daran, dass ich ein bißchen ein Geheimnis daraus mache. Du und Gabriel seid ja mein Vorbild, ich sollte es auch einfach mal im Klartext veröffentlichen.

    Jedenfalls, schöne Grüße ins Schwitzerland, bis die Tage.
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  • He is such a shiny new member, and yet he has learned quite alot about how to make very good videos, in 4K resolution.

    So, do the both of us have to hide behind him?

    What about you, Gabriel. Do you fly the new msfs 2020 simulator in 4K resolution today?

    Me, I don't. Still not yet. And since two weeks I know another hardware device which is an enemy of Windows 10...

    Windows 10 is a real problem, and that is not a joke. Since the beginning of the year 2021, I know more people who have problems with Win10

    than I know people who are able to continue everything (hardware and software combined) which they have used in Win7

    also in Windows 10.

    In German, I know a word for what is missing in Windows 10: Abwärtskompatibilität. In English?

    Downward compatibility. Forget about that when you use Win 10!!

    If microsoft allows me, let me start a list of software which perfectly runs under...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-12, 03:36. Reason: I like reliability! A/c type LH-B744, since 1989.

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  • For all those who seem completely confused now..

    It was only a soccer match, completely unimportant. Wembley Soccer Stadium, Sunday July 11th 2021.

    And the winners are.. Donnarumma, and the so called 'perfect couple' Chiellini/Bonucci, and Chiesa, and Mancini, and ...

    Completely unimportant, or what would you say.., but the prayer has worked.

    Roberto Mancini had tears in his eyes when the Dutch chief referee said that this final match has come to its end. And Mancini is 13 years older than me. But sometimes, years don't make a difference. Also my eyes became wet, after Donnarumma made the way free for some Italian Nights.

    PS: The Dutch chief referee, B. Kuipers, is 5 years older than me. That somehow gives me hope that at the age of 45 not everything necessarily must come to an end..
    By the way, very dear greetings to Mr. G. Buffon (*1978_), who somehow is 'the father' of Donnarumma.

    And now, some...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-12, 01:19. Reason: And now, back on topic.

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  • Roma Fiumicino, February 1986

    The Alitalia Mike Foxtrot, AZ-B742, on final to Rome. Don't ask me how I just got the idea of exactly this destination....

    Italian Nights...

    PS: To be honest. On Sunday during lunch, I wouldn't have set a dime on Italy. Since 1978, I have never set one dime on whatever.

    But I sent a prayer. Please let Italy win!
    And obviously somebody has heard that prayer. Thank you.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-12, 00:15. Reason: Prayers on a sunday.

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  • Without that I opened the video, your description seems to be very brilliant. I can imagine it, without the video.

    I often have to say to myself, not everybody lives near an International airport, where B763ER, B773ER, et cetera, is the everyday business...

    So, what did he do, forced a 747 to go into the active speed brake? Probably I should also open that video.

    PS: Speed brake, in German? So, we all know what I mean. Not the pedals, but the brake which is used when still in the air. That's why I sometimes call it
    the air brake switch....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-07-11, 23:25. Reason: Flaps and so on.

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