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  • LH-B744
    replied to Top Gun
    Ed Harris and Val Kilmer (Top Gun Part II: Maverick 2022) ...

    I just wonder if I should reveal differences between the US Navy and the German Luftwaffe. Which is not the same, not by far. As I understand it, the US Navy are naval forces,
    i.e. in my eyes ships and helicopters, dt.: Bundesmarine, Kapitänleutnant (Ka'Leu), Kapitän zur See, Admiral, uvm ...

    But how then does it come, that in the Top Gun movies quite few ships appear, and rather alot of aircraft.

    That is one of the differences between the USA and Germany. In Germany, here also exist pilots for reconaissance at sea (ehem. Marineflieger),
    but if you ask me, that section more and more will be taken over by the German Air Force, who then will be responsible for Land
    and Sea.

    Ed Harris as a swinish Navy Admiral is brilliant, but if I had to choose a part in that movie, I'd rather be Admiral Kazansky 'Iceman', played by Val Kilmer, the friend of Maverick....
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Top Gun

    Top Gun

    ...or movies in combination with aviation.

    Well. As far as I can remember, the last movie that I rated "five stars with a diamond" , here on jetphotos, was

    Sully (2016), directed by Clint Eastwood.

    And I love Mr Clint Eastwood, not only for this movie. But somewhere there is a difference between Top Gun: Maverick and Sully.
    I assume that Mr Clint Eastwood (92) sometimes even supports a movie with his own money, when he's really completely convinced of it,
    e.g. Million Dollar Baby (also directed by Clint Eastwood),
    which in my eyes is another "five stars with a diamond", a definitely must see movie, also due to the very cute performance (if I may say something like that about men in that age..)
    between Mr. Morgan Freeman (85) and Mr. Clint Eastwood (92) .

    So, isnt it true that Sully (2016) was rather made not for the big audience and Clint Eastwood didn't even care about that circumstance. But...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Music in combination with aviation

    Music in combination with aviation

    ... and since Top Gun Maverick (Top Gun Part II) everbody understands that this is one of the most natural combinations on Earth..

    So, I don't ask you for the difference between Top Gun Part I (1986) and Top Gun Maverick - Part II (2022). Kenny Loggins (*1948_) is not the difference. Thank God, he appears in both movies.

    I'd rather ask you for music which you like to listen to on a rather loong flight (3-4 hours or more).

    Everybody is invited to take part, between 14 and 84 (or older if you like).

    Since I am the threadstarter, I like to give you an idea about what I'd mention in September 2022:
    1. Lenny Kravitz - The Chamber (2014) - on black vinyl LP with the name 'Strut' from that same year 2014. But if you can for less than 199 US-$ .

    2. Foo Fighters. The Taylor Hawkins Tribute. Not quite 7 years older than me, Taylor Hawkins from Forth Worth TX died at the age of 50 due to a self-inflicted medicine overdose which...
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  • avherald, thank God. Now I know that we talk about the same topic, a real topic, no jokes. Adults talk about aviation.

    But who on Earth would call my friend 3WE a junior member , if not you.

    Airbus A320. Not really my favorite a/c type. But nevertheless almost everybody owns such a jet:
    American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, ..... ....

    And I still love my favorite airline because here we have worldwide (?) one of only a few CEOs or even the only CEO (?) who knows the A320 really really good:
    Lufthansa CEO and active Flight Captain (Airbus A320) Carsten Spohr.

    If you ask me, Spohr has to stay with the Lufthansa as a CEO at least for the next 10 years!

    In my eyes "here at Lufthansa" (that's how I call my favorite airline) we never had a CEO, who is
    1. so young, Chief Captain Spohr is only 12 years older than me
    2. so able to build the bridge between aviation as...
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  • 487.8 km (one way),
    which by far is the shortest distance that I've read between two jetphotos forum members, let's say during the last 10 years.

    PS: Alex, psst, just leave me alone with him for one hour. He is so very shiny brandnew..
    Although, which is the shortest distance? Between you n me, or between you and Sven, or between Sven and me?
    421 km between Alex and Sven?
    627 km between Alex and me, in 6hours53minutes? Yes, if you don't own a Swiss Air account... (or a very fast car).
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-09-23, 16:51. Reason: Distances.

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  • Hm. EDDN rings a bell in my head. Flughafen Nürnberg. I just asked the German wikipedia to avoid a mistake. So, Nürnberg. Really?

    I'm here in this forum since more than 13 years, almost 14 years. And I had to wait so long for another German jetphotos forum member?

    Das müssen wir kurz auf Deutsch machen, wenn wir dürfen. Fühl Dich mal sehr herzlich willkommen hier, die sind eigentlich alle ganz nett! Nürmberch sagt man glaub ich.

    Back on topic.

    Do you know the smallest camera which is good enough for jetphotos?

    I mean, I own a photo camera, of course. But a very small one, and I fear that my camera isn't good enough for the
    jetphotos platform.

    PS: Now, the 16000,- $ question would be: Have you ever been at Lohausen International (EDDL)?
    I have to confess, never in my life have I been to Nürnberg. But I should probably alter that state of mind. Not one nonstop flight between Lohausen and NUE today,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-09-23, 15:08. Reason: Destinations which once were operated nonstop here at Lohausen: Nürnberg, Stuttgart, ...

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  • Hm. As this is a warmed up topic, do you remember which a/c type we talk about?

    PS: The threadstarter was here this week, but Kent obviously didn't quite remember that he once started this topic.
    Which is a well known phenomenon, I can say, I also know something like that....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-09-23, 14:11. Reason: All topics which you've started since the 1980's?

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  • Aufgewärmte Liebe ist nur halb so gut wie echte Liebe.
    Or what women say when you encounter her again after 20 years.

    Back on topic.
    So, someone has decided to warm up this topic, which in three weeks has its 2nd birthday? I just wonder if I hate this platform for this behaviour or if I rather have to love it for warmed up cookies.

    Btw, who was it? Who reactivated this topic?

    "hail broke windshield" . I'm not completely back on topic since Kent Olsen has opened it in 2020.

    What was the a/c type back then?
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic The hardware discussion.

    The hardware discussion.

    Well. I know that something like that has happened here before. Brian probably knows that we've discussed something like that here before. But as far as I remember
    never under this topic, under the pure hardware topic. You name the hardware device (video card, cpu, motherboard, Ram, illuminated keyboards, illuminated cases, illuminated cooling systems,
    and much much more...), and we discuss it.

    And I have at least one or two quite fresh issues to begin with.

    The video card. Give me a minute to see if I don't have a picture which shows my problem. Ah, let's take this one.

    ..No, I can't really let this picture alone without sayin something about the colors. Since today I know, that I am not alone when I say there is only one valid Lufthansa nightblue,
    and there is that one too dark nightblue.
    In my eyes it is very brilliant that the Original 1978 LH nightblue on the tailfin of my favorite a/c type of all times
    still exists...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-09-15, 23:25. Reason: And Randazzo's favorite video card?

  • More than only once a year I land here on this beautiful aviation platform and I wonder how many badges do we have.
    And that's not a joke, after all those years.

    1. Screener's choice badge - 2. New registration badge - 3. ... ahm .. photo of the week badge? - 4. people's choice of the year badge?

    For no 1 and no 2 you (obviously) need a screener to have that photo appreciated. So, without greed, I like to use this topic to worship foreign photos, photos which I do not own.

    Today, these are the candidates:
    Surely the most beautiful jetphoto that I know with this a/c type and this airline.
    This a/c type is in the air since more than 52 years, with one and the same airline. Greetings to Seattle. And still good for a brilliant photo.

    PS: Alex, you can kick me out of this topic if you find me inappropriate,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-09-15, 21:52. Reason: Inappropriate?

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