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  • And now, for our breakfast, and so that all people again think.. 'this guy only knows schmusesongs' (and I can live with that, because I know it better),

    back to my roots, back to my year. The haircut for men has changed - a little bit - since then, my dear friend.. And for the original comments, this time I'd again obviously need
    a Spanish translator. With more than 68.000.000 requests since it was uploaded, a group of female singers, with a 45 year old song.

    Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon
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  • Hm. I like to continue this series 'music legends on TV' . The man has sung alot of really really sad songs and whenever they are played on the radio, I thought by myself,
    why always the saddest of his songs. I am young enough to not only know the very first song which he became famous for in 1971.
    After that, he was #1 on the US Top 100 billboard charts in 1972, not with his saddest song, but with 'Lean on Me'.

    And in 1982, he earned a Grammy for one of his best songs, if you ask me, a #2 on the US Top 100 billboard charts in 1981.

    Bill Withers (1938-2020) died in Los Angeles, California at the age of 81 due to a heart failure. But his songs will live on, here his Top 100 #2 from 1981.

    Bill Withers - Just the two of us
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  • ..Ahm. I have just perceived that I have already reached two aims, Elvis Presley (died at the age of 42) and Freddie Mercury (died at the age of 45 plus two weeks).
    Here on my side it is .. 45.5 almost exactly, ha.

    I don't know if that's a reason to celebrate, but probably it is good that at least Mr Presley and Mr Hawkins senior have children. Who else would celebrate the 77th birthday of Freddie Mercury
    this year (*September 5th 1946)?

    Queen - Friends Will Be Friends

    PS: I MUST quote one comment for Freddies 'Hammer to Fall'. This comment says 'who else would celebrate the 77th birthday of Freddie Mercury'
    in other words:
    "It's been almost 40 years since this came out, and as a 2006-born, this song still rocks."
    Thus, I assume that this young man is 17 years old. So, I don't know yet (I have an assumption) how we both like a 1984 classic rock song....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-09-28, 03:11. Reason: When as a child you've learned good music.. :-D

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  • Hm. I still don't know how many people read me here at jetphotos. A statistic says, right at this moment, we only have 377 active members.

    318 persons are online here right now. And up to 8100 persons read this forum at once. Without that I know their names. That's definitely less than Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) would expect.

    But that's definitely more than I expected when I became a Jetphotos member. Up to 8100 persons read what I write, at once. That's ok, let me compare that to my home airport,
    8100 persons per hour... whoo eeeeya. That's slightly a different dimension than on my home airport! 8100 x 24 ... x 365 ... = 70,956,000 persons per year.

    Here at Lohausen International we have a capacity of not much more than 24,000,000 persons per year. So what has happened. Together with my avatar, I've grown a little bit too big for my home airport (?). So, let's fly South of EDDL, to Rhein/Main (ICAO: EDDF).

    And what's my range, in...
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  • Oh I so very much love this aviation platform... Also because I know at least, I still know at least ..10 forum members who are longer here than me, after all those years.

    Erwin, do we know a member who's longer here than you (and still online)? ..... ... If you ask me, not so very many.

    "Dutch." I know almost nothing about the Dutch language, so let me say it in English. Very dear greetings to the Netherlands (again)!

    PS: Music & aviation. Two of my most important hobbies, and I still don't know which one is my definite #1. If you ask me, both are #1, and that's also true if we look how long I already have the hobbies. I know that my father went to the EDDL observation deck since at least 1970 (?), and I have very very early memories with my father and me in a Kinderwagen on that observation deck. But also since then, music is my companion:
    Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger (1979) .
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  • ...Ahm. I don't know if I asked this question ever before, but. The smileys who appear here below the text window are KI controlled, as I assume (?).

    Because if they were controlled by humans, I had to wonder if that's not a severe mental dysfunction:
    together with .

    Hm. Let me take it as a , only the first one ever mentioned is valid.

    And now back on topic again.
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  • Hm. Yes, we try. Astonishing that SpecialCB also tries to help, although that is his very first forum entry . Thank you.
    That's a good thing. roeo asked for help, and now, 4 eyes see more than 2, if I tried to solve this question alone.

    Route: Now please let me translate that into proper aviation English. From LEMD Madrid Barajas Intl to ... and now I'm a little bit proud of myself, with a rough guess,
    GCFV Fuerteventura International airport (IATA: FUE).

    So. We can do two things with the jetphotos database. 1. Ask the database about Air Europa photos at LEMD Barajas Intl
    and 2. Ask the database about Air Europa photos at GCFV Fuerteventura International.

    Then. Let the show begin.

    I more or less second what SpecialCB says. From the historical Air Europa fleet, almost each and every a/c type can be excluded:
    332 - possible in 2007 (retired 2021), but not much likely on a domestic route.
    333 - not possible,...
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  • How nature affects aviation...

    ...let's say since I am a jetphotos member, so not since 1847, but rather .. let's say since January 2010.
    [This list doesn't claim to be complete.]

    I don't know if all of us really remember what happened back then, in January 2010.

    January 12 2010 - Earthquake near Port-au-Prince, magnitude 7.0 . The de wiki says, on that Tuesday at 16:53 local there was a heavy earthquake in Haiti . German Geologists say, the earth was unstable for 35 seconds. The Cathedral of Port au Prince was completely destroyed during that 35 seconds, and it is destroyed until today. Alot of people who visited Haiti already within 48 hours after the earthquake said that it was a blessing that at least the 10/28 rwy at Port au Prince International airport (ICAO: MTPP) was and still is intact. Among them have been
    alot of US-Americans and Canadians, who until today provide aviation in Haiti.

    And I remember that back then I planned something like an Air Canada...
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  • Hm. Tonight I'm here because, even after the pestilence, there you might find one or two unruly pax. And I used the word "cleaning" together with the jp forum search window.
    The result is you, ATLcrew. Now, your topic obviously was "cleaning face masks", but as long as the jp forum KI is not more intelligent than you n me, I'll use this very popular forum entry, instead of opening one by myself.

    Unruly pax, that's a phenomenon which you could also imagine in a bus, in a tram or in a metro. At this moment I'm not quite informed about how many US-$ you can pay after you've left an almost full 0,5 liter cup of brown lemonade - let's say Sinalco - spilled on the cabin floor of a LH-B744.


    PS: My suggestion: 150 US-$ in cash to the Flight Captain in the middle of the economy cabin,
    if it happens before t/o (with or without delay), and 100 US-$ in cash if it happens on final, only minutes before parking breaks are...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-09-12, 00:35. Reason: Dirty pigs pay cash.

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  • ...One (ex-) moderator here in the past told me, if you're not able to translate word by word, then better say it in German.

    Now, what if you could have both.
    "Until further notice, the Observation deck at FRA will be accessible without payment."

    Only a very humble try of translation, I confess..

    PS: Which airport is better... Well, I don't know yet where stormidema comes from, but, for me that's not a question:
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2023-09-11, 20:21. Reason: Is that a question?

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  • Hm.

    July 2023, as I assume. Now, if that's true then Tyler and me are a little bit late, but I can second what Tyler says. If you like to see the LH-B744 live and in color, then FRA is also my recommendation.


    PS: stormidema Now, for which airport did you choose?...
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