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  • Offtopic, I know. But for the last time here in this topic, and only to make clear that Gabriel and me since more than six months were not able to find at least one, and I mean
    only one active msfs 2020 pilot on planet Earth!
    Here is my part of the bet, I promised a nice KASE Aspen fsx winter picture, before even the very first msfs 2020 pilot appears here in this topic. And I win the bet. Or did you expect something else. Here they are, 3 Aspen winter pictures, I wasn't sure which one is the best (a/c type Beech B5 :

    Aspen fsx 01, the KASE rwy 33 on a nice winter morning, the sun is somewhere East of us, but she also needs another coffee to really get up.

    Aspen fsx 02, cleared for t/o rwy 33, then turn left. In this picture the 33 is at your 2 o'clock. So, our heading was.. 165? Almost parallel to the rwy 15, which is also visible in the picture, at your 11 o'clock! And all that filmed at alt 13,000 (Flughöhe 3970 meter) or higher,...
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  • As a fair sportsman, I can give you 48 hours to accept the bet, or deny it. Gabriel. But if you deny, you can bet who enjoys these two good bottles..

    Ok. I'll give us the ETA, based on Lohausen International Time Zone (zulu +1).

    The estimated time of arrival for this bet is January 21st 2021, 0420z -- plus 48 hours. So.

    By Saturday, Jan 23rd 2021, 0421z , I am the lucky one and the two good bottles are for me, if I fulfil the bet, described here in my #82.

    PS: You can assume that the noble donor of what you can win here is also me. Which otherwise would also not be fair.
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  • Gabriel, I have followed your idea, and I opened an extra topic, for fsx or x-plane or prepar3d pilots who like to share youtube videos or "only" pictures which we take out of our simulator.
    This time, KIAD International.

    And until today, I have received zero answers, i.e. zero pictures. But, and now you have to be brave, I started my KIAD topic exactly 14 days ago. Only.

    And you started this topic.. more than six months ago, with the same result, exactly zero msfs 2020 pictures!

    I know at least one (!) jetphotos member who flies fsx or x-plane or prepar3d. But he rather prefers the West Coast. And I told him, be patient, the LH-B744 is also good for the West Coast...
    Where I really prefer Seattle WA or the SF bay. So, stay tuned.

    But what can we say about msfs 2020. Is it already dead before it really took off?

    Two reasons for me to be still after msfs 2020 could only be:
    1. Doering would show...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-21, 03:43. Reason: No msfs2020 pilots on this planet? Not my fault. Now you only watch who enjoys such a good bottle.

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  • Men who are born in March can get quite old, once if they have found not only a profession, but a thing where the man is on mission.

    Joe Sutter, born Seattle WA, is another good example. Since 1965, the father, or rather the Great grandfather of my avatar. 100 years old, on March 21st 2021. I'll definitely open a good bottle on his virtual tumbstone, which I see here somewhere near my home airport.

    PS: And the second best month for men who like to get quite old? November, again day 20 or day 21.
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-21, 02:00. Reason: Joseph Robin (!), there are things on this planet which you can't invent. The second Robin which I know, born in November!

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  • KDFW, the gas monkey home airport. Now you see what we here in Germany watch on TV.

    A 51 year old guy with his cars, from Texas. The men who are born in March must be the really good guys. Because I am one of them,
    besides Mr Eric Clapton, and, an honor to see him alive, Mr Harry Belafonte!
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  • Is it possible for you to mention which Flight Simulator you prefer? I mean you, personally. Because here on my side of the Ocean, I still prefer Captain Randazzo and his world famous fsx products.

    Your home airport is YSSY Kingsford Smith, really?!

    Well, that's an airport which I sometimes dream of, when it comes to the topic 'downunder' !

    If you really live near YSSY Intl airport, you definitely have to answer me one question. Since Qantas has left Germany, all aviation enthusiasts in Germany are a little bit sad. But that does not prevent us here in Germany from dreaming about Koala bears and Kangoroos.

    Now my question.

    Is it good and fair to name the most famous Australian airline, which in my eyes is Qantas, "the flyin Kangaroos"?

    I mean, you have the Kangaroo on your tailfin. And the tailfin is important. Thus, my favorite airline is often called "die Kranich Airline", because we have...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-20, 23:35. Reason: Australia, with only 1 stop, at KDFW if you like!

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  • Well. I had a very similar problem on a different website but that resulted not only in.. a problem so that you can't really upload photos, if I've understood what you say. My problem was really a bit harder, and you can be proud that your problem will be solved without that you had to telephone (!) with Alex, e.g. .... ..

    The internet is always good for also creating problems. Then it is up to us to be patient with the internet. Laurence knows your problem since 48 hours. For the internet, that still is very fast!

    You get it done only faster, when you take your car and visit Alex or Laurence! ...
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  • I said quite fast, but my weather provider is better than only quite fast. Very fast. They lifted off at 0921 local. And my weather provider gave me the METAR EDDF for October 10th 2020,
    0824z, which, for insiders, is almost exactly the same. Here it is:
    EDDF 100824Z 22004KT 9999 FEW021 10/08 Q1021

    In English. 220 @ 4, on the ground, on the rwy 25C . A really slow Westwind, at least on the ground. Which we have here quite often. No precipitation, i.e. I assume that the 25C was dry. Altimeter set to 30,15 inHg . So, not really the worst weather you could imagine.

    Visibility on the ground, 13 (nautical miles). Again, much much better than what a 777 or 747 needs as a minimum.

    All in all, October 10th 2020 was a good day to fly. What I could do now is, set my 747-400 simulator back to 10/10/2020, EDDF 25C, and try what happens at alt 6000.

    But I believe my two LH Cargo friends. Something made them return back to the 777 and 747...
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  • When we need you, Gabriel, only for the weblink so that all of us know what we're talkin about, that's a very humble task for you, or what do you think?

    I knew it without the link. A LH-B777 Freighter. We don't have so many 777 freighters here. Cathay Pacific, what do you think what they use, B744ERF and B748 freighters!

    Aha. Now I know what we're talkin about. It was not the Foxtrot Charlie (above, on a really really nice jetphoto) but the Foxtrot Golf.

    GS 191 knots when the heavy 777 lifted off. Again I must say I know almost nothing about a 777.

    But I know from a 747 simulator, that what you do in the half second after you lift off, is important. I also know that the 747 gives you a thrust reducing alt, which imho almost never is reached in the second after you lift off.

    Somehow, they have lost speed. Another thing which I know from the 747, preflight I set the a/t to 210 (or even...
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  • Ah, now I see the difference, sorry. The 777F is more than 10 meters shorter than the B773ER! It seems to be natural that the Freighter is not good for more than 7000 nmi,
    especially not when the 777F (MTOW 766,800 lb) is as heavy as the 773ER (MTOW 775,000 lb).

    Thus, I assume that in a 777F the max fob is clearly less than in a B773ER, i.e. the range of the freighter must be shorter.

    Sorry but today I really learn one or two things about the 777. Which imho is not so bad for somebody who never in his life has used a Freighter simulator.

    PS: I said that I've never used VNAV in my entire life. Which is a lie. I have once tried it between Rhein/Main and LFML Marignane Intl. Vnav is a good tool when the weather forecast which you have in your hands five minutes before t/o at least has the chance to be approximately the same when you go on final.
    But for the long way, e.g. to Dulles International, I rather trust the v/s mode and an offset...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-08, 01:39. Reason: vnav, offset, ..

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  • Again I must confess that I have not read everything here in this topic.

    But I know that once you took off in a heavy Boeing, you sooner or later like to activate LNAV, and a little bit later, if available, also VNAV.

    Again I must confess that I have never used VNAV, not in my entire life! My opinion is, ahead is always where I sit, in case of a doubt on the front left seat. I like the computers on board a B744 simulator very much, although, sometimes a little bit complex to switch back from VNAV to "normal" v/s a/p mode.

    For the 777 we should better ask the Aviation Analyst. 30 years at one of the major airlines in America, and he retired as a B773ER Flight Captain.

    Is it possible that the 777F was already in VNAV mode?
    And for the shortest way out of that, you better ask Les Abend, or the two pilots in that LH-B777F.

    PS: A thing which always was very hard for me to believe is, the big difference between...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-08, 00:38. Reason: B773ER vs the 777F.

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  • Ladies. I definitely have to be here more often. Let me quote the threadstarter.

    But it wasn't her, or one of her sisters (?):
    wikimedia dot org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/Lufthansa_Cargo%2C_D-ALFD%2C_Boeing_777-FBT_%2820353445885%29.jpg

    I have just decided to use our own database, these wikipedia pictures are good, but we don't necessarily need weblinks which are longer than a 777, or do we. The jp database, if the a/c type is in it, produces weblinks which are shorter than a 777, which I appreciate. Let's see. And You can bet, we have even the better photo:

    I like to second Evan with his question here in his #2, Kent, do you have a link. And Kent's answer is, No I don't. Brilliant.

    Kent, here you are in the jetphotos aviation safety group. Normally we do not need weblinks, if Evan, or Gabriel or 3WE has seen it with his own eyes, that's enough.

    But, if Evan or...
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  • Now I know two men who have these red stripes. Hm. That really seems to be something desirable!...
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  • KIAD fsx - and if you like also KIAD xplane and KIAD prepar3d

    So. Long ago that I have opened a new topic here for only one picture, but you can see this as an invitation. If you fly one of the above mentioned simulator platforms,
    and since today I know at least one jetphotos member who does,

    we should post let's say one picture for one pilot, as a beginning. Youtube videos are easier, because that does not cause traffic here on the jetphotos servers.
    And for msfs 2020 pilots, if there really are some on planet Earth (?),
    we have the well known msfs 2020 topic here. Until now, still without one msfs2020 picture.

    So, one picture per pilot here in this topic, let's see. If you have two pictures, I assume that would not cause mayhem on the jp servers.
    Or a nice KIAD xplane youtube video? That's the East Coast, I know. But my avatar is also good for the West Coast, just be patient..

    I have new material.

    KIAD fsx 01 - So, what do I use. Fsx apparently, but not the wall which is...
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  • Hm. Look what happens when you try to write an 8 in combination with an ) ...


    I know that problem since more than 12 years, so.... What you mean is rather this one:


    And, Gabriel, a friend of mine brought that brilliant idea to me. We really should mention in the topic which we open, the simulator platform which we use.
    I soon here plan to open a topic which I call
    KIAD fsx.

    So the name of the simulator platform is always included. You did not mention until today your simulator platform, or did you. After a little bit of resarch, i.e. after I opened your video,
    I saw what you use:
    X-Plane 11.50 .

    Another man who does not (yet) use msfs 2020, like me. We have our reasons why we don't, don't we..

    Btw, that's a loong video, more than 30 mins, and the DeHavilland Beaver only comes into the picture somewhere at 9:28.
    But a cool video!

    PS: Salmons....
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-07, 21:43. Reason: Loong video, take ur time to watch it!

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  • I definitely forgot one very important Flying boat station in South America. Not SBGL Rio Galeao (since 1952), where we nowadays land and t/o, but again the older brother of Rio Galeao:

    SBRJ Rio Santos Dumont Flying boat station, since 1931, so almost as old as my home airport..

    I must really say Thank You to my favorite airline, the Deutsche Lufthansa, which with photo evidence crosses the pond (the Atlantic Ocean) since more than half a century,
    and in the new Year 2021 even since more than 60 years!

    The Hamburg - Düsseldorf - Shannon - NYC route exists since the Lufthansa schedule 1955.

    A/c type, with four engines, and I hadn't known something with less than four engines for the Atlantic route when I was a little boy, either the DC-8 "the fast smoker", or since 1971, the brandnew Boeing 747-200.

    But as with the 314, here on this side of the Ocean it also began with big four engined long haul propellers,...
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  • Historic Flights for you begin with the year 1975? Harr. Gabriel, he does not know how young we both are!

    Only a few months ago I got a message from my weather provider, which is FS Global (or fsgrw for insiders). They decided to follow Flight Captain Randazzo, and make another very famous Boeing aircraft ready for flight simulators.

    Oh, only for registered customers only. Ok. But also only for the Lockheed prepar3d simulator, which I've never owned until today. I am fsx, since more than one decade (!)
    and together with Flight Captain Randazzo, je ne regret rien, I've never regretted it.

    The Boeing B314 flying boat (only for registered pilots, and prepar3d only). Sadly enough, not for fsx. Because then, I would not only own it already, but very probably also have flown it, with at least one fsx picture here for all of us.

    The B314. Inauguration flight in June, 1938. Which if you look at the following pictures in my eyes...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-06, 02:57. Reason: + en wiki B314, with pictures of the older brother of the 747

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  • Men, exactly for this sunday, I polished my fsx simulator and Dulles International.. How could I be so wrong. But rather a little bit too early.

    I confused Sunday the 10th with Wednesday the 20th. Really, that late?

    Inauguration on a late Wednesday in January. But I'll even survive that. I have survived 42 years, or to be precise, rather 42.9 years until today. So, the next 14 days are a piece of cake for me.

    My last virtual visit in D.C. dates back to the Lufthansa winter schedule 2016. When the world had to say CU soon, to one of the best father figures in the White House after Jimmy Carter, with the name Obama.

    If you ask the younger members in your family, the picture might not always be as perfect as you think it is when you only ask your younger supporters. But that's life. You survive it!

    [offtopic zone definitely closed now.]
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  • [I know when I'm offtopic, don't bore me.]

    Alex, is it a lie when I try to say that in Germany nobody really trusts a man before his 45th birthday? No chance for Spahn, he simply is too young! But.
    In Canada, things seem to be much easier for "young men". 43 years old, and still young?

    Even when I look at the mayor who since a few months is behind the town of my home airport, he is no longer young, if 43 is still young.
    50 years old, when he became the "new" mayor behind EDDL .

    Germany sometimes really seems like such an odd old country to me, Alex!

    Germany should learn from Canada, or from France:

    Men who like to engage for their country and their home airport are not necessarily older than 45. Or what would you say, Alex?

    PS: To be honest, Emmanuel Macron was younger than me when he became the President of France. So, where is the border, the minimum age to do good...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-06, 00:01. Reason: My hope is with Father J. Biden, and all his younger supporters!

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  • Hi, you shiny new jetphotos member!

    Well. I know only one or two things about Air Canada. One thing is, they owned a fleet of Air Canada Boeing 747s, between 1971 and 2004. Which is not a short time, 33 years. That's more than a silver wedding.

    The second thing which I know about Air Canada is, they still own a fleet of B773ER jets. Which not each and every airline beyond the pond is able to state...

    A thing which I did not know about Air Canada is, ...

    they suffer from MCAS, until today?

    I have written really alot concerning MCAS here on jetphotos. If MCAS were a disease, I'd say, and I only second what my friend Gabriel also says, Boeing was able to avoid that.

    With a smaller version of the 767, or, a new version of the 757. But definitely without such a complex software, named MCAS!

    Let's look where the 737 Max 8 aims at, with length, wingspan, range, and passenger capacity:
    737 Max 8 (Air...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2021-01-05, 21:29. Reason: We order what we need.

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