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  • LH-B744
    started a topic The DHC-2 Beaver.

    The DHC-2 Beaver.

    Well. I open this topic due to the aircraft, the deHavilland Canada DHC-2,
    and rather not concerning its nickname 'Flyin Beaver', which in German is something like................. 'Fliegender Biber'.

    A flying animal as an image for an aircraft, that happens quite often. Kranich, Condor, .. Fliegender Biber. Probably, this nickname is of native American ('Indian') origin, I don't know.

    Back on topic. As I mentioned some weeks ago, if you own two simulator licenses, the p3dv4.5 license and the fsx license, you can do one thing which I did.

    You can fly the Beaver also in p3d, which then looks like this. From the Port of Rijeka, Croatia, to Venice, Italy.
    With a little help from Vienna, concerning the weather report.

    PS: After the landing in Venice, I thought, what if this were a B314 Clipper Flying boat, moving across the sky at alt 11,000 ..
    Today, still a dream, as such a boat is not really cheap....
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  • Thank You for the avherald. How could we know what happened, when the threadstarter does not say what happened. Or without avherald.

    And even the avherald entry is shorter than what TeeVee posted yesterday in his entry #8 ? So, let me say how I understand the avherald.

    We do talk about Mexico City Intl (ICAO: MMMX), don't we.
    I only ask because if we talk about Mexico City Intl, then we also talk about LH #498 .

    And (not without a reason), I don't wanna imagine that the XA-VRV jet (an Airbus A320)

    could have been an LH-B748.

    "05L cleared to land." - let's say, we hear this in the LH-B748 cockpit.

    I don't know enough about Mexico City to say if there is enough space, between another A320 who already has lined up on the 05L, and my 747.

    The 05L at Mexico City is shorter than the 07C at Rhein/Main,
    so, I only know the procedure that no one ever is allowed to line up on an active...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-05-12, 00:13. Reason: 78 metric tons.

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Noise protection.

    Noise protection.

    Noise protection, or how to discover info which is not directly displayed in aviation maps.

    Well. I wouldn't have opened this topic if - since two or three weeks, I hadn't seen things in the sky who do not belong here, e.g. aircraft.

    You know quite good where the approach paths are for your home airport, at least I strongly assume that.

    And I know quite good where the approach paths are for my home airport, you can be sure: Lohausen Intl (EDDL) since more than 4 decades.

    There might be only one problem, which occurs more often this year: not all pilots who fly into my airport know Lohausen Intl as long as me.
    So let me show you how I would fly into my home airport.

    And this is valid for all a/c which you can imagine (without helicopters and without gliders, who afaik underly specific laws here at EDDL):
    eight engined jets (B52 and comparable), six engined jets (AN-225 and comparable), four engined jets of all...
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  • Again, this was never meant as my very own private pleasure. I thought that I - especially in this topic - I had at least,
    Evan, 3WE and Gabriel,

    who since the end of March 2022 surely have an opinion about this topic here, but... they don't like to send their opinion across the pond, to Europe, or let's better say, in broad public,
    around the Globe.
    That's at least how I understand this aviation platform.

    Now, since more than four weeks, it has become what it was never intended for:
    this topic has stayed my very own private pleasure. Now, I'll take it as it is.

    And if you ask me, and if I were Alex, I'd close this topic with this entry #7.

    Sometimes opinions change. Since I know that President W. Selenskyj is almost exactly as old as me, less than 12 weeks are between his birthday and my birthday,
    I see this topic with different eyes.

    I know that I am too old to order heavy weapons in Germany,...
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    Last edited by LH-B744; 2022-05-04, 22:25. Reason: WWII ended almost exactly 77 years ago.

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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Doering

    Man, even with my avatar, it is not possible to cover all the airports which are on my list,
    not within let's say four weeks.

    My special problem is, after all those years, I still discover airports which are not to be found in my simulator (!),
    or only in very bad quality.

    That means, you open p3dv4.5, you send a request for the LOKL airport of Lienz-Nikolsdorf, and the result is zero.

    As if the program wants to tell you that this airport is pure fiction! But I know it better than p3dv4.5 :
    the LOKL airport is open to the public since 1986.

    To make it short, I leave you a message, because you mentioned the word 'flight planning' . But as far as I can remember, that was a route of clearly more than 200 nautical miles.

    Now, do you know a method for detailed VFR flight planning, so, rather for routes which are shorter than 200 nautical miles,
    e.g. from LOKL Nikolsdorf to LOWW Schwechat,...
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  • LH-B744
    LH-B744 posted a Visitor Message for Gabriel
    Last Activity at 00:23 , and I assume that is CEST (Central European Summer Time) ... darn.

    I switched this computer on and that was 6 hours and 53 minutes ago. Knapp daneben, as we say here in Germany.

    Let me recommend the 'Airport Design Editor' topic for you,
    before I switch off this computer again....

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  • LH-B744
    replied to Keflavik Iceland
    Great forum entry to start with, you shiny new member!

    I have to admit, I just can't really remember my very very very first jetphotos forum entry. But I am sure that it was not something like... " Hey world, feel invited to Lohausen Intl airport (EDDL). That's my airport since 1978 [, and the airport of my father], and you can take alot of cool pictures here."

    Today I am sure that back then I was not so confident to write something like that.

    The next question would be, who has ever been to Iceland? Gabriel?

    For me, the answer is, not me.

    BIRK is one of your airports isn't it. And now you wonder why I know that. Well..

    Iceland is on the Lufthansa map, and since 13 or rather more than 15 years, I know one or two airports who are on the LH map. But most of the time, I confuse these two airports,
    BIRK (which sounds similar to the German word "Birke", very good to remember) and...
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  • Well. 60 minutes online, and still nobody with at least a rough guess for the airport here in the entry #4?

    Let me help you. As you can see, it is a rwy 36L (click on the picture and it will enlarge). And I can tell you, there is no 36C . Only the counterpart for the 36L, the 36R .

    Still too difficult? Man, I thought that this airport will be recognized during every hour of the day, 0417 a.m. or earlier or later, always.

    Pictures say more than 1000 words, so let me add one more picture.
    Still not quite complete, as it is really my ADE p3dv4.5 version of it, and I deleted alot to recreate it (with the correct hdg),
    and I moved alot, based on the aerial image...
    Without further explanation.

    Oh, come on... This is... ?

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  • Oh, now I see what I have promised, 3 weeks ago. Well yes, I haven't forgotten about that.

    Btw, this is NOT my very own private forum topic! I had expected that two or three another jetphotos forum members show us what they do with this topic. But ok, I'll take it as it is.

    Today, I like to show you what I did during the last 3 weeks. Somebody told me, that there is an airport which I weren't be able to find in the LH schedule for Winter 2010,
    at least not nonstop. And I told him, ok, give me that airport, and I'll try to find it in my p3dv4.5 simulator. And I was able to find it in p3dv4.5, but today I am not here to show you the result,
    not by default,
    and not with this rather serious nickname, which during the past 13 years has driven me crazy more than only 3 or 4 times.

    "Oh really, you fly a 747-400?" - "No. That's not what Lufthansa pays me for."

    Some people only show respect to people who...
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